May 2014
Editorial: a contribution to world homeopathy
Keywords: editorial
A Knight in our midst!
A Knight in our midst! , by Editorial team
Keywords: Scholten, award
A cloud of poverty: a case of Melilotus
Keywords: pollen allergy, physical abuse, emotional abuse, imprisonment, mafia, fear of poverty, suicidal tendency
Separation anxiety: a case of Saccharum officinale
Keywords: separation anxiety, constipation, hyperactivity, malnutrition, jealousy
Deprived of body, property, and life: a case of Arsenicum iodatum and Diospyros kaki
Keywords: lymphoma of thymus, loss of property, emigrant, chemotherapy, radiotherapy
A little girl who has never grown up: a case of Lac humanum
Keywords: forsaken by mother, aversion to milk, allergies, hypertension
My house is haunted: a case of Crotalus cascavella
Keywords: occult, fear of ghosts, dreams of the dead
The burden of caring for a sick mother: a case of Chalice well water
Keywords: infertility, exhaustion from nursing ill mother
Somewhere above average: a case of Haliaeetus leucocephalus
Keywords: mononucleosis, tonsillitis, above average, fear of poverty, desire for liberty, fast metabolism
Panic attacks: a case of Latrodectus mactans
Keywords: panic attacks, fear of accidents, fear of death, palpitations, cramps, desire to move
Panorama: seminars and books
Keywords: panorama