May 2014

Editorial: a contribution to world homeopathy

by Vladimir Petroci

It is a great honour for Slovakian homeopaths to present this volume of Interhomeopathy. It is time to contribute to the world homeopathic community with gratefulness for what was given to us during the years of our learning. Since the renaissance of homeopathy in Slovakia, two decades have already passed and the “young lady” is now in full blossom, looking to the future with enthusiasm and hope.
Slovakia lies in the geographical centre of Europe and since ancient times has been a place for the mixing and exchange of various influences, attitudes, and cultures. It is known that genetic exchange is very beneficial for a healthy population; it also brings beauty. Variability is a genuine quality of nature. Slovakian homeopaths are similarly influenced by many different schools and methods. This is good, since we can compare methods and help each other. At the same time, it is good to have a common background and to have a common style.
We have learned from many teachers, each of whom has brought their unique style. We inherited the respect for tradition from Englishmen, intuition from Indians, open mindedness and common sense from Dutch, practicality from Austrians, focus and sense for detail from Germans, courage and clearness from Americans, pioneering from the Canadians, and enthusiasm from French teachers of homeopathy.
When I was asked to prepare this volume of Interhomeopathy, to make it easier for me and to maintain a certain style, I have only asked graduates from the Slovakian Academy of Classical Homeopathy to participate. I believe they will be good representatives for those who have not had the chance to do so.
Although we are teaching all the various methods of homeopathy in our academy, one main pattern unifies the curriculum, the system of Mineral and Plant kingdoms developped by Jan Scholten. This background shines through these cases, as well as personal experience with the numerous provings we have been doing over the years.  
I hope these cases will be as interesting for you as they were for me and will demonstrate that Slovakian homeopaths have come of age.     


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