May 2014

A little girl who has never grown up: a case of Lac humanum

by So?a Koyšová

A 62 year old woman made an appointment. She has been a teacher and a director of  the Institute for Disabled Children for 25 years. Now, she is buying gold and selling it to goldsmiths.


The appearance of this woman surprised me. When I opened the door to ask her to come in, she was standing with her back to me. She looked like she was thirteen years old – small, very slim, wearing a checkered miniskirt and a pink T-shirt.  “A little girl”, I thought, but when she turned around, I discovered that she was an old woman. Her face was wrinkled, though her figure was as childish as her clothes. She had significant redness around her eyes, as though she was wearing glasses.

Sona Koyšová (SK): What is your problem?

Patient (P): I have a problem with the skin on my face; it is as though it is burnt, it’s red like a burn. I feel that it’s going to crack. My eyelids are swollen in the morning.

SK: How long have you been having this problem?

P: It appeared in the winter of 2007, then vanished and re-appeared four months ago. I tried some salves, also corticosteroids, but nothing help. We had some family problems at that time.

It gets worse when I eat tomatoes. I take four kinds of pills and some nutritional supplements. I like natural sources, so I don’t take medicines very often.

SK: Tell me something about yourself.

P: I have been having inflammation since I was very young. When I was a director of the Institute for Disabled Children, I became allergic to this environment after a while. I felt very stressed there and I got allergies and inflammation around my eyes. When I left that job and started working for a private company, which produces precious metals, my problems went away. But nine months ago they came back.

I like running, even 10-12 kilometers a day, and I also go to the gym. My blood pressure is high. I feel cold when it’s elevated during the night, which wakes me up and when I measure my blood pressure, it shows 210/110 RR. Then, I usually call the emergency service. When this happened for the first time at night, a voice was yelling: “Ela, Ela wake up!” and it woke me up, which probably saved me.

When I got divorced and stayed alone with my children, I used to have vertigo. I had four jobs at that time.

Since February this year, I have been having strong watery painless diarrhea after meals, whatever I eat. The test results are  fine, despite this.

SK: What else?

P: I have been a teacher, I liked to look after disabled children and they liked me. I think that teachers are partly disabled, too. They cannot accept authority.

SK: I told her that if I was to find the right remedy, I would need to hear her life story. She began to cry.

P: My childhood was very hard. My mother was married three times, but it always went wrong. She was unhappy, dominant, and fanatic. After her divorce, she stayed alone with three children. We lived in a village. My mother joined the religious group, Jehovah’s Witnesses. Her family was strongly Catholic and didn’t want to accept it, but my mother became fanatic. She stopped looking after me. I wanted to leave home and go to Bratislava to study. Five years later, she got married. Her husband suffered from schizophrenia. He threatened her with a knife, destroyed things and tyrannized us. My mother got pregnant with him, but the baby was born with Down syndrome. I looked after that child as if I was his mother until I left. Then, my mother got married again and moved to another flat several times. None of her children communicate with her.

I got pregnant during my studies and I had a son. My husband was irresponsible, so we got divorced. My second husband was aggressive, we could not live together. He threatened me physically and hurt me. He didn’t help me financially. I had four jobs.

My son left home when he was 18 years old. He went to his father and he is addicted to alcohol and drugs now.

My grandfather was also an alcoholic. He commited suicide.

I have been alone for twenty years. I don’t want any men in my life.

SK: What are you like?

P: I´m good at organizing. I know how to work with people. I put pressure on them to fulfill their tasks. I have suppressed my emotional problems through working a lot. I’m impatient. I’m not dominant at home. I’m skillful, I sew for myself and I have a taste for beauty.

SK: What do you like eating?

P: I used to eat bread with pumpkin oil. Now, I eat bread with olive oil. I can’t bear milk.

SK: Any dreams?

P: I have nightmares when there is a bad atmosphere in the family, it feels like suffocation. I dream of dead people.

SK: Any fears?

P: I’m afraid of children and of my mother; she is bad. When I leave after visiting her, I´m always crying. My son is emotionally dependent on me. We usually phone for more than an hour at a time. I read spiritual literature. I believe in higher powers. I do the Five Tibetans exercise and I pray every morning. I think that people have intuition but suppress it. Things don’t happen by chance.


This patient is an independent woman. Religion and spirituality are very important to her. Her childhood and teenage years were very difficult.

She has been in a difficult relationship with her mother since she was born. Her mother was very changeable and did not give her any love.

Moreover, she was the one looking after her mother’s disabled child.  She loved to work with disabled children.

She has had problems with partners; she divorced twice and she has been living alone for 23 years.

Her son left her when he was 18, but she is unhealthily dependent on him.

Her appearance doesn’t correspond to her age. She looks and dresses like a 13 year old girl. Only her face shows her age.

Lac Humanum themes in this case

Broken bond with mother
Forsaken feeling (Isolation, sensation of)
Humanitarian / Charitable
Passionate (Zealous)
Aversion to milk

Prescription: these symptoms led me to prescribe Lac humanum LM6, once a day. I told the patient to stop repeating the remedy when she feels better.


Twenty-four hours after the first dose of the remedy, she wrote me an e-mail:  “Your treatment is so successful that it exceeded my expectation! I’m feeling 70% better this morning.”

SK: I didn’t expect that kind of reaction and I was afraid of such a strong improvement in such a short time. I supposed that she might relapse and I would have to find a new remedy, but I did not hear from her for two months.

Two months later: she was dressed according to her age and did not look like a 13 year old girl anymore.

P: The eczema around my eyes disappeared from one day to the next. It came back in a milder form one week later and then, it totally disappeared.

My son came back to me. His father sent him away like a broken toy. He is addicted, but he ‘s beginning to heal. He is attending a Drug Abuse Center. I hope that we will cope with it.

My blood pressure goes up only in times of emotional stress. My digestion is OK, I don’t have diarrhea anymore. I can hardly believe it.

Prescription: Lac humanum LM6 if necessary

One year later: the patient came back one year later because the spots around her eyes and diarrhea recurred. Her blood pressure is normal.

SK: When did you last take the remedy?

P:  A few days ago. It is much better now. I began to lose my hair one month ago. I had severe vertigo, too. It disappeared after taking the remedy. My fibroids became smaller.

I have dreams of my son; he is a little boy and I´m supposed to take care of him. I feel restless, my thoughts are gone. My son lives with me now. He is being treated and is abstaining from alcohol.

Prescription: Lac Humanum 200C 

The diarrhea completely disappeared in three days and the spots around her eyes were not visible after two weeks. Since that time, another year has passed and she has only had some minor problems with a cold. Her skin has remained clear.

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I've got you licked; jenny downing; CC BY 2.0
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