July/August 2014
Editorial: the fascinating world of veterinary homeopathy
Keywords: editorial
The homeopathic treatment of cancer for animals
Keywords: cancer, Banerji protocol, Ramakrishnan method, plussing method, classical homeopathy, lymphoma, sqamous cell carcinoma, stomach carcinoma
Rembrandt, the laminitic miniature horse
Keywords: laminitis, diabetes, metabolic disorder
Local and deeper acting remedies
Keywords: kerato conjunctivitis sicca, pododermatitis, lick granuloma, pregnancy, photophobia
Chronic skin disease in a six year old cat
Keywords: feline skin rash, facial eruption, reserved cat
Four cases from a Belgian practive
Four cases from a Belgian practive, by Maido de Jamblinne
Keywords: bloody diarrhoea, offensive perspiration, jealousy, painless paralysis, exophthalmia, vomiting with extreme thirst
A Sulphur constitution
A Sulphur constitution, by Henry Stephenson
Keywords: dog with itching and greasy coat, diarrhoea
Constipation and cats
Constipation and cats, by Evelien van der Waa
Keywords: feline constipation, bowel obstruction, easily startled, sensitive cat, fastidious
A bowel nosode for a lame cat with diarrhoea
Keywords: lameness, black diarrhoea, skin eruption, bowel nosode
Panorama: seminars and books
Keywords: Panorama