July/August 2014

A Sulphur constitution

by Henry Stephenson

The following case of a three year old West Highland White female began when she started itching as a new puppy at nine weeks old. She had been vaccinated prior to this and the skin was slightly pink and dry around the head. She was treated with one dose of Thuja 200C at that time.

The itching was still present four weeks later. A bath perhaps made it worse and she was trying to get cool by lying on tiles and in cold places. The skin now has a dirty greasy look. At home, she is into everything and is being pushy. She would like to be head of the pack. She likes milk but does not drink very much in general. This time she was given one dose of Morgan pure 200C and the itching improved very quickly.

Five months later, she began to get lethargic and has vomited some fluid at 8 am in the morning after eating some chicken. This time, she was treated with one dose of Sulphur 200C. She improved in general after this treatment.

She was next seen for some greasiness in her coat at 16 months of age. She likes rolling in smelly things and her coat has become yellow. At times, she will vomit up food if she eats too much. She has also itching of her feet at night. She likes to play with other dogs and loves the grandchildren. She does what she is told but is not fearful. Once again, she is treated with one dose of Sulphur 200C and improved well.

She is next treated one year later, once again for diarrhoea. She is on a good organic raw food diet but has recently been looked after by carers when the owners went away. The stool is sloppy but there is no blood or mucus. She has been refusing to drink. She sits on her own at times and is slightly lethargic. She has also been licking around her pudendum and the coat is more yellow in colour. Perhaps, this time, one could see something of Pulsatilla but she was again given Sulphur in an LM1 potency to take twice daily. Again, she improved quickly.

Now, three months later, she has started vomiting once a day, at 2:45. This started when she was in the car. She vomits some yellow opaque fluid with bubbles and then is fine afterwards. There is no food in the vomit. Once again, she had been with a carer for a few days when this began. She is a great dog to examine, just slightly nervous. There is some mild itching eruption around the pudendum and interdigitally in all feet. She was again treated with one dose of Sulphur 200, and within a few hours she returned to normal.

In Synthesis, the rubric Stomach, Vomiting, Afternoon has only ten remedies with Sulphur the only one in bold type.

Three months later, she showed similar symptoms of vomiting bile and this time, there was some blood and mucus in her stool with some straining during the diarrhoea. A full blood count was performed and showed a mild increase in blood lipase levels at 1125IU/L. After one  dose of Sulphur 200C, she was normal within 24 hours.

The lipase levels were raised again three months later (824 IU/L) when she had another mild episode of vomiting and diarrhoea with some blood. This time she was dispensed Sulphur LM3 to take twice weekly for the next month. Since then, she has been perfectly healthy.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Westies lieben Schnee; Malene; CC BY-SA 3.0

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