2009 September
Causticum mystery
Causticum mystery, by John Morgan
Keywords: Causticum, lime, Griesselich, Hahnemann, Potassium bisulphate, Plaster of Paris, alembic, Sankaran, Jeremy Sherr, Jan Scholten, the will, lye
Sorbus domesticus/ Lecitinum/ Aristolochia clematis in a one case
Keywords: Sorbus domesticus, Lecitinum, Aristolochia clematis
Vulvar vestibulitis and the Labiata family
Keywords: Vulvar vestibulitis, Labiata, Platinum Muriaticum, late, Salvia Officinalis, Louis Klein
Hydrophis Cyanocinctus / a picture of overcompensation
Keywords: Hydrophis cyanocinctus, bilateral compartment syndrome, ischemia, polio, physical overcompensation
Ginkgo Biloba / a compulsive obsessive disorder case
Keywords: ginkgo biloba, polarities, double, neglected, compulsive, control, counting, forsaken, absent-minded
Editorial September 2009
Editorial September 2009, by Jan Scholten
Keywords: editorial, tattoo, piercing