2009 September

Editorial September 2009

by Jan Scholten
Tattoos and Piercings
Tattoos and piercing have become a recent new fashion. It is a strange phenomenon. Piercings hardly existed 30 years ago, except for earrings and tattoos were limited to certain minor subcultures. So where is this phenomenon coming from? What is the cause?
One could call it a fashion, a shocking behaviour of the younger generation, but there is some self-destructive quality in this fashion. In both the skin is pierced, the natural defence of the body is overruled. It is painful, sometimes even very painful and it leads frequently to infections. This body destructive quality is typical for Fluorine. Fluorine is at the end of the second row of the periodic table, the end of the body.
This is in agreement with the fact that tattoos were very common in the world of criminality and prostitution. These fields are typical for fluorine. The same is true for the world of body building, where tattoos are quite common.
One can wonder if this development is due to the excessive use of fluorine for dental problems the last decennia. One could see it as an intoxication of the general population. The world has become more fluorine in general if one looks at the commercials, the superficial qualities of presence and money, the fast money of the bank world.
We wish you pleasant reading with this issue of Interhomeopathy.

Jan Scholten

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