2009 September

Ginkgo Biloba / a compulsive obsessive disorder case

by Enna Stallinga

An obsessive compulsion disorder case

Complaints: strong controle-need, obsessive compulsive, strong nosophobia (fear of dirt).

friendly, talkative, mental, a little haughty, sometimes too self-confident, might laugh about serious matters. She has a look as from a different era.
She is very compulsive and meticulous, everything must be clean and tidy and she needs to controle the gaspits up to twenty times. She can be very self-assured and has a inferiority complex, is negative and reproachful about herself.
She is a ‘thinker’, difficult to handle her feelings. Fear of failure, fear of spiders and snakes. She has a kind of phobia for dogs-mess, cannot look at hospital-operation-films.
And as a child she resisted heavily to injections of any kind.
She can be absent minded if it is too busy around her, as if timely knocked out. She needs to work on herself because “I get mad if things do not go how I have in mind. Everything needs to get finished and especially CLEAN.”
She washes her hands frequently and cleans the house thoroughly if there have been visitors and she counts during cleaning. She is 25 years now and works with mentally disabled people.
Has been bullied at school, because she was fat, at high-school she changes in a bully herself. She remembers especially the mistakes in class, like she did not write neatly and was behind in some ways. As young child she did not like cuddling. She has one sister but they do not go along, “she cannot do anything well, in my eyes, I am very negative towards her.” She tell this with a kind of retained aggression. Her sister had better points at school and is quite unattentive, looses things. “maybe I cannot bear her behaviour, I do think first”.
At their parents home her sister resists everything and through this negative conduct she gets a lot of attention from the parents. It used to be like this and still is..
Problem with heat, gets easily flushed when exercising, she preferes shadow, easily sunburned.
Food desire chocolate
aversion; meat-fat, raw onions, milk.
Vegetables and fruits are non- favorite; Gets headaches from ice and cold-drinks. Sometimes she can have an bulemia-attack.
Sweaty hands in new and tense situations, they can tremble from tension.
Sometimes nauseous with gagging.
Congenital hip dysplasia.
At 5 yrs. Inguinal hernia operation
At 16 tonsillectomy because of frequent throat-inflammations,
Lots of warts on hands and chillblains with cracks at fingers, blue hands when cold.
Nails splitty, she bites them.
Ganglion wrist
Herpes labialis and nasalis.
Easily bruised,
As a child dry eruptions in spots on face.

The first remedy was Thuja occ.
She gets it in upgoing potencies, up to 10MK.
She feels more peaceful, less panicky and more openhearted. She feels less responsable and does not wake up anymore with the idea “did I lock the door well?”
The counting is much less, but when the work-pressure gets stronger it comes back.

Word that pop up during the search of another remedy is; NEGLECTED.
Her sister got all the attention and “I was expected to survive anyhow.“ (“I should have to drive into a tree” she told her mother recently).
At home NO can be Yes and Yes can be NO.

I give her Pinus Sylvestris;
(Rubrics; compulsive disorders, ritualistic, reproaching oneself, ailments from anger.)
Hereafter she tells that she pinches herself and that she did not dare to tell this before, but the remedy does nothing to her complaints.

Then I give her Lac Caninum without effect.

After Ginkgo Biloba (in the same rubric; compulsive disorders in the Complete Rep.) she really gets better, is surprised about the quietness in her head. After an aggravation of some of her tics she can let go of controle more and more.
It gets more clear how much her disorders burdened her in the past.
She remembers the operation on the inguinal hernia how frightening and especially the injections, how she was roughly treated and promissed a present waiting in the corridor, which happened to be her mother...
She talks how stupid she feels as a child and how excluded as all of her classmates go to that certain highschool but her and she reacts hysterically.
She feels more flexible and more aware of the pain being neglected by her parents in favour of her sister.
Her panick attacks have faded away and she realises how often they tormented her in the past.

She never expected that she could feel so well and mourns all those years that she would be rather dead than alive. “How did I survive?”

Confirming rubrics for GINKGO BILOBA

s y n t h e s i s (schroyens)
anger with himself
face, eruptions, herpes
throat, inflammation, tonsil
split nails
icy coldness hands
desire chocolate
aversion milk
warm room agg

c o m p l e t e   r e p e r t o r y  (van zandvoort)
compulsive disorders!!
reproaches others
desire death
laughing about serious matters
touched, aversion being
trembling, general, muscles

chinese barefoot-medicine: the boiled leaves help as an application with chillblains

About the tree

The tree is extremely rich in acids and fatty acids (chinic acid, ascorbic acid, benzoic acid, oxalic acid, butyric acid, propionic acid, caprioic acid, caprylic acid, linoleic acid)

Jan Scholten, Minerals in plants/1:
Mineral contents; magnesium, kalium, lithium, phosphor.

Vermeulen, synoptic materia medica II:
it is the only species in the ginkgoaceae, a separate class to the coniferae
considered as the oldest living fossil on earth, a claim also made for sequoia
it stems from an era more than 200 million years ago
covered the entire nothern hemisphere, now reduced to an area in southeastern china
height 40 metre
ginkgo biloba has fan-shaped leaves with two lobes
the female flowers are in pairs and only one of the two seeds ripens

The shape of the leaf, (like a fan and the upside vertically deeply divided) invites us to look at polarities.
Selfconfident and inferioritycomplex
Criticizes others and self reproach
Mentally unsure as a child and mental way of living/surviving
Being bullied and be a bully
Sister careless and cross and she meticulous and thoughtful
Especially: Yes could be No and No could be Yes

1933 Maury
1987-1989 Swoboda and König
1995-1996 Anne Schadde

Enna Stallinga, Olterterp NL.

Categories: Remedies
Keywords: ginkgo biloba, polarities, double, neglected, compulsive, control, counting, forsaken, absent-minded


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p.k. mohanty
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case study
Reply #1 on : Sat August 16, 2014, 03:22:37
It is a good case. But the dose administered should be mentioned to help homoeopaths go further for more study with their patients where ginko biloba is administered for their ailments. Mana many. thanks.