2008 September
Dogmatism in homeopathy
Dogmatism in homeopathy, by Jan Scholten
Keywords: dogmatism, Hahnemann, Heudens, Saavan, Thielens _E., Vitoulkas _G., Winston _J., concept of induction
Interview with Jan Scholten / Dr.Pawan.S.Chandak interviewer
Keywords: Suppression, essence of life, biochemistry, philosophy, real medicine, encompasses all sciences, meta analysis, Epidemics, disease, Vithoulkas, Law of Similars, periodic table of the Elements, synthetically, process, Herings laws, healing of the mind, cured, Unprejudiced Observer, core of the being
Larus Argentatus for RSI
Larus Argentatus for RSI, by Anne Wirtz
Keywords: Larus Argentatus, RSI, seagull, Wilfried Finke
Graphites in a pregnant woman
Keywords: graphites, pregnancy, skin problems
Samarium sulphuricum and rheumatoid arthritis
Keywords: rheumatoid arthritis, Samarium sulphuricum, salazopyrin, Indocid, Ledertrexaat, Areva, anti TNF
Terbium sulphuricum case
Terbium sulphuricum case, by Marguerite Pelt
Keywords: Terbium sulphuricum, hypertension, infection, keeping up appearances,
Editorial September 2008
Editorial September 2008, by Jan Scholten
Keywords: Depression, suppression, diabetes, research, Hering