2008 September

Editorial September 2008

by Jan Scholten
Recently I read a message about research on diabetes patients. Researchers of the John Hopkins university published their article in "The Journal of the American Medical Association"; JAMA. They have discovered that patients with diabetes 2, elderly diabetes had a higher chance of depression when treated for their diabetes. Untreated patients did not have such a high chance for depression. The research was done on more than 5,000 patients aged 45 to 84 years, with a 3 year follow-up. So the result can be seen as reliable.
A side remark was that the reason for this fact is unknown.

When you look at this fact from the homeopathic point of view there is hardly anything to wonder, it could even have been predicted. The second law of homeopathy which is often named by the laws of Hering, makes it clear that when one doesn't heal and suppresses symptoms the disease has to go to a deeper level. That is what happens in the case of the diabetes patients. The disease is pressed inward to the mind, with depression as a result.

It is strange that regular medicine doesn't know this second law of homeopathy. In essence it is not limited to homeopathy, it is a general law which works always, independent of what kind of therapy one does. One reason is the specialisation in regular medicine: the doctors don't see their suppressions because they go to another specialist.

One could also see as a failure of the art of regular medicine. The second law has been known for almost 2 centuries. A serious doctor should know this law, as it is essential for diagnosis and treatment.
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Reply #1 on : Mon October 20, 2008, 06:35:17
According to sentence of some ancient chinese physician, which I saw yesterday on seminar: divine doctor does not need to see patient, doctor artist need to see patient and doctor worker need to touch patient. Touching could be very harmfull. In classic medicine could be harmfull seeing too: more doctors sees patient, they prescribes to him more remedies and they creates more derangement.