2008 September

Terbium sulphuricum case

by Marguerite Pelt
In September 2006 a woman 50 years old consulted with me because of two problems:
1.Hypertension since 2005. She also had high blood pressure in her pregnancies and when using oral contraceptives.
2.Many kinds of infections;
-in the left knee.
-in the bowels: diarrhea and blood on the toilet paper after defecation.
-in the left eye: uveitis (redness and photophobia).
Keeping up Appearances

Temperature; usually warm, cold when low energy.
Desire; chocolate and sweets (2).
Aversion; sour.
Last menstruation June 2006; this was the only one that year.
Allergy to nickel.
Herpes face/nose wings.
Thick toenails.

Medical history:
2003 Mamma carcinoma right side. The tumor was removed and radiation therapy followed.

Family history:
Father died in an accident when she was 8 years old (he was 54 years old). Her sisters were older, the eldest married that same year and the other one had a boy-friend (she is the youngest of three girls). She felt she had to take care of her mother. She felt very alone and was jealous of the attention for example that her nephew received after he was born. Her craving for sweets started at that time, she even stole sweets in shops.
Two sisters also have uveitis. One has hypertension.

She works as a district nurse. After her training as a nurse she first went to Indonesia for a few years because she wanted to get out of the country to sort things out for herself. A married man was in love with her at that time and she was taking care of a nephew that was in hospital. This I all heard after asking about the family and her work.

Life history:
The life history that was told spontaneously.
I asked about the family history and the job, but before this information was revealed she spoke spontaneously of the following:
She was married for twenty years and has two children, now 21 and 23 years old. When they were 3 and 5 years old she wanted to leave her husband because of marital problems, but her husband blackmailed her into staying by threatening to ‘never see the children again’ if she divorced him. She granted her children the presence of their father. She felt she had the right to choose to stay in the marriage even if it wasn’t good for her. She felt a bit guilty though for not being faithful to her own feelings and so she bought a ring as a treat to herself at that time.
In the end she did divorce three years ago when the children had both reached the age of 18.

She has the feeling that all the years she was married until her divorce in 2003 she had to keep the family together. Her ex-husband probably had Asperger or another autism related disease.
In 2003 after they divorced, a mammae carcinoma was diagnosed. At that time her ex-husband became very caring and loving. When she was better in 2004 her ex- husband had a heart attack, decompensatio cordis and only 30% heart function left. She decided to live with him again to take care of him because harmony and compromising are important for her, but she felt very tired. He died after a few months.
In 2003 she was thinking ‘I am going to die because of the malignancy in my breast’ and a year later her ex-husband was dead. She is still trembling with emotions about this peculiar destiny of fate.
Her idea is that her husband was always a parasite. When she cut the umbilical cord of their relation (by divorcing) he got a heart attack. ‘My husband was never a grown up, he was my third child’.

Now all her ex-husband’s stuff has been brought to her house and she has not had the energy to sort things out. Financially there was no compensation because she was officially divorced when her ex-husband died and the inheritance is for the children.
For one year now she has a new relationship with a man who is supportive to her. Now she has decided ‘not to do anymore than I am able to manage. I had taken a heavy task upon me’.

Prescription Terbium sulphuricum in 200K.

Follow up after six weeks, October 2006:
Much more energy. No more uveitis, arthritis or diarrhea. (Hyper)tension normalized. More relaxed, looks much younger. Thinks about changing her job. Tells me that: ‘my deceased husband had round off his life when he died. He had been able to manifest himself thanks to me.’

Follow up May 2007 :
A few days of uveitis: much less and shorter than before. Took the remedy in 200K she still had at home.

Follow up August 2007:
Bloody stool. Sinusitis maxillaris right side. Sore throat.
She is selling her house and going to move to another city and is considering taking on a job there. She is taking a course in ‘Sacred dance’, something that feels very close to her. She told her elder sister what she thinks (of her). This she never did before. So there have been many major changes in her life.
She was given the remedy in 200K.

Follow up October 2007:
I had ordered the remedy in MK to be sure, but this was not necessary because again all the physical complaints disappeared: the stool normalized, the sore throat went away as well as the sinusitis. She now stays warm even when her energy is low. She feels well and eager to move to a new city and a new life.

Follow up June 2008:
I hear she is doing well physically and indeed moving to another city. She is still searching to give shape to her life, but feels surrounded by love.

Reason for the prescription Terbium sulphuricum:

-Auto immune diseases are an indication for Lanthanides. Colitis as well as arthritis and uveitis are auto immune related.
-Eye problems and cartilage problems belong to the Lanthanides.
-Tension and hypertension also, as well as,
-Allergy (for nickel),
But also the mental emotional status confirms a Lanthanide.
-Taking a heavy task upon her (association with Hercules).
-Has to do it on her own.
-Caring and helpful: serving.
-Desire for freedom, being herself (has let it be suppressed by ex-partner), had to be autonomous at an early age; makes her own decisions even if they are not good for her.

Keeping up Appearances 2

I chose the salt Sulphur because of the emphasis of the problems in the marriage with her former partner…she talks about him during the whole (first) consultation.
A lot of Sulphur themes come up if you look at the case – even before her marriage - and if you repertorize.
-Harmony is important for her.
-Theorizing: she theorized for example that ‘She granted her children the presence of their father. She felt she had the right to choose to stay in the marriage even if it wasn’t good for her’.
-‘Seduced into a relationship’ is a theme for Sulphur (see Jan Scholten’s Homeopathy and Elements). A married man was in love with her in her younger years and her ex-husband seduced her to stay.
-Desires sweets and chocolate.
-Aversion sour.
-Herpes face (across nose).
-Thick toenails.
-Localization: Left.
-Pregnancy agg (tension).
-Complaints mammae (1/37), tumors mammae (1/55).

I chose Stage 11 because she conserves (Stage 11) the situation with her husband (Sulphur) although it is not good for her. It is an effort for her to do this and it gives her tension. She does not show to others what it costs her and thereby ‘keeps up appearances’: this last thing is my interpretation of her history. Stage 11 is to conserve, to maintain, to continue: in this case the relation with her partner (Sulphur). She thereby protects everyone, also her wealth (financial situation). To conserve is to protect what you posses out of fear of the unknown.

DD Samarium: because she forces herself and she has hypertension...but this is common to many Lanthanides and in this case I do not feel real pressuring. Stage 10 is more persistence and Stage 11 more maintaining (keeping up).
Keeping up Appearances 3

Tips to help you prescribe a Lanthanide:
1.First decide if a Lanthanide is needed on the criteria Jan Scholten has elaborated on. I use the following criteria most often:
   Two leveled; self observing.
   Autonomy. Freedom.
   Aversion authority.
   Big eyes.
   Fear: power; heavy tasks.
   Auto immune system. Rheumatism, MS, Sjögren, Colitis, Crohn's.
   Headache. Migraine.
   Eye problems.
2.Then determine the area where the ‘problem’ is localized. This will help you to find the ‘salt’. Afterward it is easier to find out what the Stage is, the way the patient is coping with the problem.
3.Ask your patient to help you determine the problem (salt) and the coping ways (Stage). To this end you ‘translate’ the catchwords Jan Scholten has presented in terms that the patient understands.
4.Test devices like a Vegatest, Bioresonance machine or O-ring tests can help you to dare try new remedies and expand your boundaries.
5.Taking a – well chosen – Lanthanide yourself will help you understand the action and the possibilities of Lanthanides by melting your own resistance and lessening your own blockages.

Marguerite Pelt MD
Lelystad /NL

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