2006 March
Aconit, Natrium sulphuricum, Fuzzy Impressions, Two Cases
Keywords: fears, anxieties, Aconite, delusionary, paranoid, Natrium-sulphuricum
Lithium phosphoricum, Addiction Case Three, Addiction to Cocaine, XTC, Cannabis, Speed and Alcohol
Keywords: lithium phosphoricum, addicted, cocaïne, XTC, cannabis, speed, alcohol
Lac caninum, Addiction Case Two, Addiction to Amphetamine, Cocaïne, Ecstasy, Alcohol and Cannabis
Keywords: lac caninum, addiction, amfetamine, cocaïne, xtc, ecstasy, alcohol, cannabis, feeling dirty, incest, rape
Cannabis indica, Addiction Case One
Keywords: Cannabis addiction, ADHD, Cannabis Indica, concentration, psychosis, cocaine, abuse, trauma, Ritalin
Addictions, _The Homeopathic Treatment of ..
Keywords: addiction, Lithium, abuse, de Brijder
Lanthanum phosphoricum_A Case of
Keywords: lanthanum phosphoricum, hypothyroidism
Hippozaeninum _A Case of
Keywords: Throat infections, Hippozaeninum
Diospyros kaki, The World Tree
Diospyros kaki, The World Tree, by Marijke Creveld
Keywords: Diospyros kaki, repertory additions, PTSS, imprisonment with torture, rape, incest
Surviving with help of Diospyros kaki Creveld, The World Tree
Keywords: Diospyros kaki, anorexia, self-mutilatio, suicidal, war trauma, trauma
Diospyros kaki, Homeopathy and the New War Trauma Remedy
Keywords: Diospyros kaki, PTSS, post traumatic stress syndrome, poisoning with chemicals, detoxification
Abies Canadensis_ A Case of Frequent Urination
Keywords: Urination, Abies Canadensis