2006 March

Lanthanum phosphoricum_A Case of

by Bada Domic
This case is of a young woman of 30 years. She is thin, tall, cheerful and talkative. She works as a babysitter and shop assistant.

Her main problem is Hypothyroidism, which started three years ago. Because of it, she is nervous, tired, apathetic, and sleepy. She eats too much, especially chocolate and ice-cream. She could eat all day long. Her thyroid gland is a little bit bigger then normal, especially when she gets upset.

“My problem is that I’m very sensitive. I start to cry if someone says something I don’t like, or if someone speaks loud and sharp. I just cannot control that. I am ashamed of it, but this is stronger than me. I was always hypersensitive like that. I always used to cry in school when I didn’t know the answer to the teacher’s question. When I wasn’t sure, I started to cry, and this occurred very often. I’m very sensitive to rudeness, especially against children.”

Her father died ten years ago, immediately after that her grandfather died, and her sister lost a baby. “I was deeply sad, and I was talking about my grief to all my friends. Finally all of them got tired because I never stopped talking about my loss. I felt lonely and miserable. I was crying day after day. Then I turned to God, and found consolation.”

Now she believes in reincarnation and that death is not the end. She can accept that her father and grandfather are in a better place, but she still feels that she needs their company. “I’m trying to act as an adult person, but I feel so insecure inside and I miss my father and grandfather to advise me.”

“I reacted to everything. I felt any comment like an injury. Everything new is a problem to me. I’m afraid of new things. It is terrible when I don’t know what to do in a new situation. I’m afraid that someone could scream at me if I make a mistake and I would feel humiliated.”

“At the moment I live with my mother, but I’m not happy because of it. She doesn’t know too much about me, she doesn’t understand me. I would like to live alone, but I can’t pay the rent by myself. My mother doesn’t have love in her heart. I try to understand people like she is, to understand why they don’t express love and care. Why they are rude and impolite. I could understand, but it hurts me very much.”

“School was a bad experience for me, something very difficult. I use to learn only the subjects I liked. The others I never touched, and I was very afraid of the teachers, that they could punish me. School means insecurity and fear, but on the other hand, I have good friends, and good communication with them. They always tell me that I’m different, and they usually ask me for advice.”

“I had one relationship years ago, but he was rude to me and I broke up. After that I was afraid that he could seek revenge. I had a similar feeling with my ex-boss. She was looking for a motive to pester me, but God looked at me, and I found another job.”

“I strive for divine love. I feel I am full of love, open and aware when I’m meditating, or when I’m with my community. I know that I’m not predetermined to be married or for physical love. I’ve decided to live alone, and to develop divine love.”

“I’m afraid that someone who I love could be ill. I’m completely upset when some of my friends or relatives are ill. I will feel like I’m ill. When something hurts me deeply I could cry for hours. When I was younger I use to climb a tree and cry there.”

“I know that my destiny is to be dedicated to people, to serve to them, especially children. Children are the best thing in this world.”

“My problem is insecurity, fears. I can’t do a single thing by myself without those feelings, and I would like to be independent and relaxed.”

“My life dramatically changed when I found my Guru and the Community. I find indescribable love in them, tenderness, cheerfulness, but I’m still insecure and full of fears."

She is chilly, but sweats a lot.
She drinks cold water, and eats sweets and ice-cream all day long.
She has painful hemorrhoids and varicose veins on both legs. She has painful periods.

I gave Lanthanum Phosphoricum LM1, daily for three weeks, because of her allopathic therapy for hypothyroidism.

At the first follow up, a month later, all her symptoms were 70% better (tiredness, sweating, sleeplessness, swollen gland, nervousness, hypersensitivity, painful period, and hemorrhoids.)

For the next two months, while she was taking the remedy daily, her doctor allowed her to cut allopathic remedy by 1/4.

At the second follow up (three months after the first dose) she told me that she felt great. She was more sure, secure and cheerful. She didn’t cry when someone told her something she didn’t like, and finally she was able to say, “I don’t feel good when you treat me like that.” For the first time in her life she felt like an adult person able to react to different kinds of situations.

She had an analysis done and the T4 was 59 and TSH 5.8. For the first time after 4 years her doctor was satisfied with her results. He allowed her to take just 1/8 of her previous daily dose, expecting that very soon the medication will not be necessary any more.

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Reply #2 on : Fri June 09, 2006, 04:00:10
It would be nice to see a full Analysis. Just indicating the remedy is not an analysis.

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Reply #1 on : Wed April 26, 2006, 18:15:08
Dear Bada,
I just finished translating your case of the fat nudist woman of Jan's book. Did you use Robert Müntz's remedies or did you use the electromagnetic mirror remedy? I'm still puzzled about them! Perhaps I see you in Utrecht for the spring festival?
Greetings from a rainy day in Kandern