2006 March

Abies Canadensis_ A Case of Frequent Urination

by Ai-Ling Makewell
This is an interesting and rather simple case. It demonstrates the power of homeopathy to heal even when based on just one symptom.
A young woman in her twenties came to see me (April, 2004) because of the frequency of urination through out the day. She has the sensation of being full in the bladder, but nothing happens on going to the toilet. Then at other times she will have to go four times within two hours. This happened at the movies just recently. This is a common occurrence, but sometimes it is not too bad. Also the urge to urinate starts as soon as after having a drink. This condition has been with her for the past two to three years.
I asked her to describe a little bit about her personality. She said that she has a tendency to get stressed easily from work and from a busy social life (she enjoys a good social life). She is not a really confident person. She feels thirsty and dehydrated, and also feels the cold. I also asked about her food likes and dislikes. She does not like fish, but loves artichokes, Thai food and Mangos.
Five years ago, she had an ovarian cyst.

She did not give anymore information about herself after this. I also get the distinct feeling at this stage that there is no point asking her to give more information. As one can see there is nothing much to go on to find a remedy. However, her desire for artichokes is a bit unusual. The desire for Thai food and mangos are more common, therefore her liking for this vegetable must mean something to her.
Rubric: Artichokes, aversion to – abies-c.; acon.; mag-c.; sulph.
Though there is only the rubric “aversion to artichokes” in the repertory, desire and aversion are the two sides of the same coin. As such, Abies canadensis is my choice of remedy for this case. After referring to the Materia Medica there are other symptoms also confirming my choice; “desire for artichokes” and “dryness of mouth.” She is a rather large person and bordering on obesity, so I asked about her eating habits just to confirm the prescription. She has a tendency to overeat, a characteristic symptom of Abies-canadensis.

Abies Canadensis 30C, 7doses taken when needed or once a week. She begins to feel easing of pressure in the bladder within a few minutes after taking the remedy. There is no further consultation necessary, end of case.

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Ankita Bali
Posts: 2
Reply #2 on : Tue October 21, 2014, 08:29:23
SIR , SHE SAID SHE loves antichokes but you selected the rubric aversion ,
you gave the explanation that desires and aversions are two sides of the same coin
but still I am unable to understand it .
can you explain a bit more?

Posts: 2
Reply #1 on : Sun October 15, 2006, 10:40:35
I would not dismiss her case so easily. She did not return to report on long-lasting effects of homeopathic treatment? In a young woman sexualy active there are other possibility which have not been explored at all. Acute - or chronic in nature - all require a different approach than the simplistic description and summary given here. What about follow up of this lady? What about any results from orthodox practitioners? Have anything been missed? Or just satisfaction derived from a simple homeopathic medicine - which by the way is not what the majority of homeopaths would recommend?