2006 July
Naphtalinum, Impetigo infectiosa ... think of Naphtalinum in a case of
Keywords: impetigo infectiosa, naphtalinum, lost roots, insecurity, changes in life
Theridion: Oversensitivity-to-noise
Keywords: theridion, sensitivity to noise, noise
Samarium muriaticum: A case of a woman with menopausal problems
Keywords: menopause, menses, scleroderma
Terbium metallicum
Terbium metallicum, by Ulrich Welte
Keywords: Keeping control,terbium met, nummular psoriasis, eczema, Dysprosium, Gadolinium
Lanthanum Phosphoricum
Lanthanum Phosphoricum, by Ulrich Welte
Keywords: Lanthanum-phos, teasing, insecure, confused
Thulium Phosphoricum
Thulium Phosphoricum, by Ulrich Welte
Keywords: AIDS, Thulium-phos, Fragaria, Laurocerasus, Iris, gallbladder-symptoms
How to memorize a case
How to memorize a case, by Ulrich Welte
Keywords: Homeopathy case, memorizing
Diagnosis Yellow-flower
Diagnosis Yellow-flower, by Jan Scholten
Keywords: diagnosis, homeopathic diagnosis, regular diagnosis
Editorial July 2006
Editorial July 2006, by Anne Wirtz
Keywords: Lanthanides, theory