2006 July

Editorial July 2006

by Anne Wirtz
Editorial July 2006

In this July edition again we offer you Lanthanide cases. You may see from the articles that if you can understand the Lanthanide-feeling, it can be quite clear to spot the character of that series in your patients. It may need however, more thought to choose THE one lanthanide and the salt that makes it more accurate.

What a challenge this search is and will always be. Sharing successful cases is the best way to learn and know more about the remedies. We need practical, logical, inspirational thinking to see through the cases and be able to find the closest simillimum and thus bring the HEALING into motion.

We also present a case of Theridion and Naphtalinum and Jan Scholten has contributed an article "Diagnosis Yellow-Flower" illuminating the differences between allopathic and homeopathic diagnosis.

Enjoy this and the Summertime.

Anne Wirtz

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