2006 July

How to memorize a case

by Ulrich Welte
Three short Lanthanide cases:

How to recognize a lanthanide case?
The descriptions in Jan Scholten’s Secret Lanthanides are clear and simple. There are basic structures and simple concepts for each element, and the cases are described accordingly. This kind of case presentation feels good to me, and I found them easy to remember. So I have tried to present the cases in a similar way. Lant are their own series embedded in the Goldseries and share its theme of power, but in a hidden and autonomous way. Their stages are the same as for all elements. The concepts of series and stages should be present as living images in the mind of the homeopath, then we will easily recognize them if they are present in a patient. Memorizing successful cases also helps to recognize a new case. Cases give flesh to the bones of the periodic table, and structures become alive in the form of stories. One could say that the structures of the periodic table are the philosophy of elements, and cases are their mythology.

How to memorize cases?
There should be a short and easy-to-grasp essence of the story, which is also the theme of the remedy. If there is only a full case description without essence, we will tend to forget the case. A full case description can be interesting, but for the sake of memory there should be a distilled essence form also. In case 1 it took nearly 3 years and 20 consultations to find this remedy, and 9 written pages fill her file. Anne Wirtz has asked me to contribute some “short and strong cases, as your cases usually are”. So this is what I have attempted and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

1. Thulium-phos; Aids is Thulium, and brother indicates phos. Woman with many allergies and migraines for many years, increasing in frequency and intensity.
2. Lanthanum-phos; insecure boy of 12 has sleepless nights since he was 4 years old and doesn’t grow properly. He is too small and too thin. Wants friends (phos) and power (goldseries).
3. Terbium-met; Male, severe eczema, keeping control over the anamnesis.

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