2006 December
Manganum Phosphoricum 68 old female with aplastic anemia
Manganum Phosphoricum 68 old female with aplastic anemia, by Kellie Kirkpatrick and Dan Cherry
Keywords: aplastic anemia, raccoon eyes, flexibility, manganum phosphoricum
Apis, Sometimes a Bee is a Bee
Keywords: Facial swelling, Apis, Bee
Lac Dolphinum family secrets
Keywords: Lac dolphinum, abuse, family secrets
Lac Leoninum with eczema and sibbling rivalry
Keywords: Lac Leoninum, eczema, rivalry
Lac Suillinum: a case of west syndrom and tetraplegia
Keywords: Lac Suillinum, tetraplegia, milk, milk remedies, Lac humanum, Lac ovinum, Lac caninum, Lac felinum, Lac equinum, Lac delphinum, Lac asinum, Lac leoninum, Lac Loxodonta, Lac lupinum, Lac caprinum, Lac vaccinum, lac defloratum, Lac suis, lac humanum
Homeopathy is a miracle and a science, measurable and imponderable
Keywords: immateriality, alchemy, homeopathy, Hahnemann, Naturphilosophie, Richard Haehl, healing, Loren Eisley, empiric certainty, scientific, imponderable, exactitude, life force, dynamism
Editorial December '06
Editorial December '06, by Ulrich Welte
Keywords: editorial, periodic table, stages, milk remedies