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Manganum Phosphoricum 68 old female with aplastic anemia

by Kellie Kirkpatrick and Dan Cherry
September, 2002

A 68 year old female with aplastic anemia, a normal red blood cell count is 42, hers had gone down to 14. She was having blood transfusions every 2 weeks with 5 units of hemoglobin. Her thymus gland has been enlarged since 1984 and she is scheduled to have it removed in two months since that sometimes reverses this type of anemia. (The surgery didn’t help and weakened the patient considerably.) The previous year she had pneumonia twice and was treated with antibiotics. She has retinitis pigmentosa since childhood and is slowly going blind. She can only see shadows of faces and has learned Braille. Her toes cramp and are better heat. She has intense cramping pain on stool.

The patient is of Indian descent and was raised in Guyana which she left because of the political situation. She is a very sweet, light-hearted and spiritually oriented woman. She practices TM meditation and has light around her. Her presence has a hypnotic quality. Even though she can hardly see she looks straight at you. What is most remarkable is a distinct darker discoloration all around her eyes like a raccoon mask.

She said she is calm about things, passive. She was a teacher to homeless children with her husband in Guyana. She felt so much unconditional love from her brother and felt that losing him was like losing a soul mate. She feels that she does things for others and can be unappreciated. She is friendly and talkative. She comes in with her husband.

Dreams: of dead relatives; her parents and her brother. She feels their presence around her, especially in the last two weeks. Dream: her dead father will protect her. A recurrent dream her whole life is that she is lost in an evergreen forest and can't find her way out; she feels hopeless and helpless. Dream: white doll, voodoo. She has a fear of snakes.

She feels that a friend could have done this to her by sucking her blood (from afar). She says "my belief is that God will protect me".

Initially one rubric we used was: eyes, discoloration, black, under.
Months into the case another rubric was revealed: eyes, discoloration, dark, dusky, under.
Phosphorous was there and she was a “phosphorous type,” but which phosphorous?
In a follow-up it was found that the theme of the patient’s life had been to help people (mang) and that as a girl she was so flexible that sitting next to her brother she could put her leg up and over his shoulder like an arm (Lou Klein says that manganum is unusually flexible).
Also manganum is big for anemia (next to ferrum), along with brother (phos) is like a soul mate.
So mang-phos 12c was given once a day. Within 3 weeks her blood counts went from 17 to 28 and within 3 months they were above normal (44) and she went traveling to Guyana. (she’s blind)!
Three years later the patient developed extensive blood clots in her lungs and the mang-phos. was repeated and within a week they disappeared, stumping the doctors.
The darker discoloration around her eyes is dramatically improved. as well as the intense cramping pain on stool.

A curious aspect of the case is the voodoo, vampire component that isn’t covered by the mang-phos. as it is known today. Perhaps this was cultural, perhaps it could be the impressionability of phosphorous. It is also interesting to note that though the life threatening anemia and blood clots were cured with the remedy, her longstanding retinitis did not improve.

Previous remedies given: Pituitary Anterior: aplastic anemia, (according to Lou Klein is for loss of a soul mate and can look like a snake remedy; which Lou says can be hypnotic), lecithin, holy basil (idea of voodoo).

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