2006 December

Lac Dolphinum family secrets

by Andrea Zarth
This is about a 53-year-old female patient. She is a friendly, open and helpful person. Her appearance is a little plump and sensual. She first came to me in 2001 with an anal thrombosis, an unbearable itching in the anus, chronic diarrhea and allergic skin irritations. She is allergic to cow’s milk. In 2000 she had undergone a thyroid re-section due to multiple cold nodes with a history of severe pains in her thyroid glands on alternating sides. She had anorexia in her youth and she still has eating problems. She cannot tolerate wholemeal products, sweets and milk. She often suffers from liver pain without pathological findings. She compensates, diffuses fears and restlessness by eating. Her sleep was always bad. Motion and especially dancing the Tango helps her to overcome depressive phases. She can’t enjoy sex, it is hard for her to open up and she cannot let go. She has been married for 20 years and the mother of two children, aged 16 and 18.

The relationship with her mother is extremely bad, the mother was 40 years old when she gave birth to her. She was an unwanted child and was even told so at a very young age. She didn’t feel accepted. At the age of 5 her mother tried to commit suicide.
The sister of her father stayed with the family in the same house being his father’s mistress over many years. The patient had a deep relationship with this woman, her aunt, and she loved her much more than her mother, therefore she kept this affair secret.

Her main emotion over many years was centered on “family secrets, feeling a victim of circumstances and total paralysis”. The subject of abuse was raised as an issue in therapy twice. Her mother had also given birth to twins, but this was kept secret. There is a strong suspicion that they died from an unnatural death and that someone had witnessed this. There was also incest between an uncle and younger sister of her mother.
The patient has graduated as a high-school teacher, but she was only able to work in a school for a short time due to her fears, insecurity and depressions. She tried hard to fulfill her role as a mother and housewife, but she was often unsatisfied, disagreeable and very vulnerable.
All the remedies prescribed: Sepia officinalis, Arsenicum album and mostly Staphysagria, helped her, but only for a short time.

While studying the “Clinical Focus Guide to Homeopathic Remedies” by Louis Klein in January 2006 and reading about Lac-del, the remedy for the patient was identified by the following themes:
- Keep things secret in family, a big family secret, shame.
- Witnessing abuse, but keeping quiet about it.
- Awful things were kept hidden, anxious about this.
- Abuse.
- Suppressed or repressed sexuality.
- Sensual appearance.
- Throat diseases.

The case shows several general themes of milk remedies: a very difficult early childhood, cow milk allergy, and the alternating throat pains.
Her color preference is 3C, a warm yellow. This is a good confirmation symptom for lac-dolphinum.
Dolphins are learning, teaching, cooperative, helpful and very friendly creatures, all of which are Stage 7 issues. These were identified in the patient especially by her helpful nature.

Follow up:
After one dose of Lac-del C30 in Jan 2006 her chronic diarrhea, liver pains and allergic skin irritations continued to get better one after another within a period of three weeks and then disappeared. The strong itching in her anus remained. Lac-del C200 was given in March 2006. The patient had a good sleep for the first time in many years and felt less fear and restlessness. “For the first time ever I am able to breath freely without any feeling of pressure or fear, I am starting to like my body. I feel as if I were being released from a narrow cage.”
In May 2006, C200 was repeated due to a recurrence of diarrhea and unbearable itching of arms and anus, which disappeared within a week. At the same time she had applied for a teaching job and had received an unexpectedly good part time job in July. She was now working again as an English and Geography teacher in a high-school after 20 years. She again responded well to another C200 in Sept. 2006 when stress in her school had become worse and her sleep again had became bad.

About the Author:
Andrea Zarth, homeopath and general practitioner has studied homeopathy since 1990. She has learned Jan Scholten's methods mostly in the Kandern Clinic with Ulrich
Welte, along with the successful use of color preference and handwriting of patients.

Andrea Zarth
Blasistr. 25, 79650 Schopfheim, Germany, email: AndreaZarth@gmx.de

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