2006 Novembre

Trauma treatment examples

de Dr.K.V.Natarajan
1. A neighbor at Hyderabad
While driving to his office, a neighbor was thrown 20 feet out of his car by a lorry-side-on-collision at a road junction.
Unconscious he was admitted in a hospital. He regained conscience in a week and was discharged from hospital after 3 months, but his left eye pupil had been drawn to the left side. The doctors opinion was at best the pupil could be fixed at the center and he would no peripheral vision. With that situation my daughter phoned for my help if any.
A remedy for any physical illness due to a fall is ARNICA. A dose in the 200th potency made the pupil moveable and repeated three times in 15 days the eye became normal with his former vision. I can explain why I stress more importance to homoeopathy and not me, because I was at Madras and I did not know what sort of injury occurred to my neighbor in Hyderabad. I simply relied on the efficacy of the remedy whatever be the nature and the part affected. That is Homoeopathy. This does not mean in any way that the system is blindfolded or speculative. It is scientific and perfect so that the remedies, if carefully selected, will not be stopped from working.

2. Personal Experience
In a busy market I slipped on a damaged vegetable. My right leg was pushed away for a distance, while my left was static, making me stoop down and hold myself on my hands. As a result my right knee moved sideways independently. Slowly and carefully I moved to the car to return home. There were no orthopedists nearby. However, I had the Homoeopathic remedy selected because of previous experiences. Damage to nerves and ligaments by extension is RUTA.
In about some hours I could walk without limping. When I reached orthopedist the next day he showed me by holding my leg and letting it hang on his hands how the bones at the joint get separated due to the rupture of the ligament on the inner side of the knee. In his opinion I was fortunate the ligament was not cut.
Since there was no medicine for damaged ligaments he suggested some exercises may improve the use of the leg. I was advised not to sit on floor, not to go up the stairs and to walk for some days with disabler’s walker, a month later only with a walking stick. Any slip may result in cutting the ligament, which is almost incurable and would make me immobile. He was very serious and sincere in his advice since I was the age of 70.
Yes, the orthopedist’s work was over with suggesting the relevant exercises. Now comes the unequalled Homoeopathy. To the surprise of the Doctor I was walking with little limping and I could do all the exercises without difficulty or pain due to the RUTA taken earlier. However the ruptured ligament required some remedies for rebuilding. The tissue remedies that helped were; KALI PHOS, FERRUM PHOS, MAG PHOS, and SILICEA taken together daily for four doses. The remedies made me walk freely and the separation at my knee vanished and I am now able to use my leg as usual. Homoeopathy can cure even in field where Allopathy has nothing to offer.

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Mots clés: arnica, ruta, collision, fall, illness, slipping, ligaments extension, kalium phosphoricum, ferrum phosphoricum, magnesium phosphoricum, silicea, eye pupil

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