2006 Novembre
Macaw/Psittacus information
Macaw/Psittacus information, de Anne Wirtz /from Jonathan Shore
Mots-clés: macaw, psittacus, individuality, self-expression, individuation
Macaw, a bright bird
Macaw, a bright bird, de Anne Wirtz
Mots-clés: macaw, calc. carb., asthma, cat allergy, pregnancy, restless legs, rheumatic pain
Trauma treatment examples
Trauma treatment examples, de Dr.K.V.Natarajan
Mots-clés: arnica, ruta, collision, fall, illness, slipping, ligaments extension, kalium phosphoricum, ferrum phosphoricum, magnesium phosphoricum, silicea, eye pupil
Birth and the carbon series
Birth and the carbon series, de Jan Scholten
Mots-clés: Birth, Carbon series, Lithium, Beryllium, Boron, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Fluor, Neon, Hydrogen, Helium
Graphitis, Carbo veg. Boron, Post mature elderly Multigravida
Mots-clés: Graphites, Carbo-Vegetabilis, Boron, elderly multigravida, exhaust
Argentum nitricum, Full of gas
Argentum nitricum, Full of gas, de Dr. Abhay Talwalkar
Mots-clés: full of gas, Argentum nitricum, eructation
Calcarea carbonicum, Primigravida with threatening early labor
Mots-clés: primigravida, Calcarea Carbonicum, spotting, fear, amenorrhea 7 months
Editorial November 2006
Editorial November 2006, de Jan Scholten/Anne Wirtz
Mots-clés: editorial, process, birth