August 2015
Editorial: keeping on evolving
Keywords: editorial
The evolution of homeopathic practice
Keywords: synergy, Guernsey, Allen, Kent, Phatak, Boenninghausen, Boger, modern homeopathy
From Sensation to Synergy: a clarification of concepts
Keywords: synergy method, synergy, kingdom, subkingdom, source, nephrotic syndrome
The simplicity of homeopathic practice
Keywords: pathology, toxicology, symptomatology, sarcodes, allopathic drugs, biochemical drugs, organ specific drugs, symptom totality
I am not free to do what I want: a case of Sepia
Keywords: vasomotor rhinitis, resentment towards mother, vulnerable, fear of robbers and violence, mollusc
Fearless, excitable, and itchy: a case of Origanum
Keywords: masturbation in children, excitable, lascivious, lewdness, precocity
I am a short-tempered, selfish loner: a case of Androctonus
Keywords: intense anger, violence, emotional detachment, abusive
A collection of short acute cases
A collection of short acute cases, by Gajanan Dhanipkar
Keywords: acute cases, whooping cough, arthritis, acidity, headache, anal fissures, fevers, calcaneal spur, gastritis, abdominal pain, bronchitis
It is a big task to turn on my side: a case of Ruta
Keywords: hip pain after accident, twisting pain, squeezing pain, pain alternating sides, Rutaceae, cancer miasm
Book review: The Synergy in Homeopathy by Rajan Sankaran
Keywords: book review
Panorama: seminars and books
Keywords: Panorama