August 2015

Editorial: keeping on evolving

by Meghna Shah

Hello! And we meet again! Summer has ushered in brightness and warmth in our lives and with this issue from ‘the other song’, we have tried to bring in a fresh breath to homoeopathic insight by inviting our consultants to discuss and share in detail their understanding and concepts that keep on evolving with the passage of time, as is the case with any sincere homoeopath.

What has evolved is a series of articles, all highlighting their approach in varied cases in practice, each one following his/her unique style, and yet coming to a common meeting point. Is not this Synergy indeed? This is what the practice at ‘the other song’ too reflects. We have numerous consultants at our clinic, each one of whom specializes in a different approach, understanding, and method. If one, however, were to really look beyond all these and go to the depth of each, one would find common strands running through and binding all of them together: unfailing dedication to Homoeopathy and patient care, adherence to traditional homoeopathic teachings and concepts, and a constantly active mind to research, so as to come up with refined advancements, which help obtain the best possible results in practice. The discovery of concepts like Sensation and Synergy and their respective development are examples of these combined and cohesive efforts. The varied approaches all complementing each other and coming together as one strong force is the basic foundation of ‘the other song’ – International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy – where different schools and approaches are respected and practiced all forming a part of one integrated system.

In this issue, we have put forth cases from our consultants, both highly experienced as well as those who have trained under them to emerge as highly mature and sincere homoeopaths. Cases by Rishi Vyas, Devang Shah, Sadaf Ulde, and Pratik Desai exhibit an in-depth understanding of the Sensation as well as the traditional approaches of materia medica and repertory. Rajan Sankaran, head of the institute, has penned two articles to give the readers have an overall insight into the case-taking approaches and the Synergy approach, each demonstrated through ample cases. Articles by Gajanan Dhanipkar and Sunirmal Sarkar provide an overview of approaches for acute and pathological cases.

This issue is a work effort by the entire team at ‘the other song’ and I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the publication team who has helped put together all these articles. I hope all the articles form an appealing read and encourage similar successful results for you all. I am grateful to Deborah and Patricia who have given us this opportunity to share our experiences with the homoeopathic fraternity.

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