August 2015

A collection of short acute cases

by Gajanan Dhanipkar

The most common myth about homeopathy is that it is very slow acting and therefore cannot be used in acute cases. This statement is definitely not true. Acute prescriptions form a major part of our practices and are rewarding and gratifying because of the kind of relief and results they give to our patients.

Case 1

Sixty-year-old woman with complaints of recurrent cough.
“My cough is very bad and I am not able to breathe; it is worse when I lie down. When I cough, I have a headache and nausea.”
Another important thing she mentioned was: “I always get distension in my abdomen when I cough. Since the cough started, this distension also bothers me.”

Complete – Abdomen: DISTENSION General whooping cough, with (1)

PrescriptionKalium sulphuricum 30, which reduced her cough markedly.


Case 2

Thirty-eight-year-old woman suffering from sero-positive rheumatic arthritis with involvement of all her joints, aggravated by cold weather.

She feels very chilly with this pain; the chills generally beginning in her lips and then spread to the body. She feels better by warm applications and by stretching.

Complete – Chill BEGINNING lips (1)  

Along with this rubric, she had other symptoms like constipation and dry skin.


Prescription: Bryonia 200, which relieved her from acute pain. 

Case 3
Fifty-two-year-old man with complaints of acidity, pain in the chest (behind the sternum) and throat while eating.
His complaints started after he was on long term allopathic medications for viral fever. He said: “I am losing weight though I am eating well. I do feel hungry and I feel better after eating. Whenever I have this pain and discomfort, I feel like going into open air, which makes me feel ok and comfortable.”

Prescription: Iodum 30
After four doses, the patient started feeling better, with reduced pain and weakness. He could eat food without pain and discomfort.


Case 4
Twenty-seven-year-old woman with complaints of recurrent headache for the past three or four years. The headache is accompanied by nausea.
She craves milk and spicy food and does not like anything sweet, but during headaches she desires only sweet drinks, which relieve her headache.

Complete - Generals

FOOD and drinks sweets desires headache, during (1)     

Prescription: Calcarea carbonica 200, two doses.
The intensity and frequency of headache was markedly reduced after two doses.


Case 5
A professor who is suffering from painful fissures for the last 5 to 6 months.
The pain increases after passing motions and persists for a long time after motions. He also complains of occasional bleeding.
The pain is better when he applies cold water.

Complete - Rectum

FISSURE General  cold water amel. (1)

Prescription: Rathania 30
After three doses, the acute pain disappear ed completely.


Case 6
Five-year-old boy who used to come for recurrent fevers.
The mother said: “He has had a high fever for the last two days. He feels chilly and is thirstless. He asks for covering and is better after that. He has a blocked nose and cough before every episode of fever. Every time the cough starts, we know that he is going to get fever.” 

Phatak - Phatak



Prescription: Sambucus 200C
After the remedy,  the  fever  subsided  instantly and the  cycle  of  fever  stopped.


Case 7
Five-year-old girl with cough for the last five to six days.
Her cough was continuous and her mother said that as soon as she lies down, she starts coughing; as she goes off to sleep her cough stops. She also complaints of headache while coughing.

Complete - Cough

LYING agg.  night  sleep amel. (2)


Prescription: Kali-bi 200C was given and the patient was able to get a full night’s sleep.


Case 8
Four-year-old girl with cough and wheezing since a week.
Her mother said: “The cough aggravates when she lies down. She gets cold sweat on her head while coughing. She feels better when I carry and rock her.”


Prescription: Arsenicum album 200C, two doses
She improved immediately after the first dose.


Case 9
Forty-three-year-old woman with calcaneal spur.
She said the pain was very severe and she could not bear walking. Whenever the pain starts, she feels hot and gets hot flushes.

Complete - Generals

HEAT  flushes of  pain, with (4) Complete – Generals
HEAT  flushes of  pain, with bones, in (1)


Prescription: Fluoric acid 200C 
After the remedy, the patient was able to walk smoothly without pain.


Case 10 
Thirty-four-year-old man with acute gastritis.         
He had severe burning in the epigastric region after eating spicy food, which he cannot tolerate at all, along with burning feet. He said he also gets such attacks when ever he has orange juice.

Prescription: Medorrhinum 200C, single dose, successfully resolved his problem.


Case 11
Thirty-nine-year-old woman with high grade fever.
She was feeling so weak and exhausted that she was brought into the consulting room with the help of her relative. She was barely able to speak.
She said: “Every episode of fever starts with sneezing. Once I start sneezing, I know I will get chills followed by fever.”  She did not have urinary tract infections.
On observation, we noticed a state of exhaustion. 

Prescription: China 200C, single dose, which brought down the fever.

Case 12
Forty-five-year-old businessman with abdominal pain.                                                   
He says he becomes very restless during the pain, and tries many things to get relief. The pain in aggravated after eating spicy food and increases if he is constipated. He perspires a lot during passing motions and the perspiration is cold. The pain is better if he stretches his body.
On examination, it was noticed that he had blackish discoloration of the gums, which confirmed the remedy.

Prescription: Plumbum 200C 

Case 13
Forty-six-year-old contractor with complaints of recurrent  headache after being on the construction site for a long time.
Just before the headache sets in, he starts yawning a lot. The headache is always accompanied by lachrymation.

Complete - Sleep

YAWNING  headache before (1)


Prescription: Agaricus 200C, which stopped his headache completely,


Case 14
Forty-seven-year-old woman with allergic bronchitis for the last fifteen days.
She says she feels breathless with pain in her throat when the cough starts. The cough is worse at night. As soon as the cough starts, she has to sit up or kneel down in order to get relief. She also has involuntary urination while coughing.

Complete - Respiration

DIFFICULT  kneeling amel. (1)


Prescription: Causticum 200C, which helped the patient tremendously with the pain and the involuntary urination stopped.

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Keywords: acute cases, whooping cough, arthritis, acidity, headache, anal fissures, fevers, calcaneal spur, gastritis, abdominal pain, bronchitis
Remedies: Agaricus, Arsenicum album, Bryonia, Calcarea carbonica, Causticum, China, Fluoric acid, Iodum, Kalium bichromicum, Kalium sulphuricum, Medorrhinum, Plumbum, Rathania, Sambucus


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good learning
Reply #2 on : Tue March 22, 2016, 15:47:06
Do you have more like this cases ? I like to learn from them.
Thank you
Arnon Vered
Posts: 2
Reply #1 on : Tue August 04, 2015, 15:03:21
Wonderful cases. Rathania, with its characteristic pains and rapidity of action,is like an old friend that will not let you down.