April 2014
Editorial: the wonderful world of Plant theory
Keywords: editorial
Plant theory
Plant theory, by Jan Scholten
Keywords: Plant theory, plant classification, APG3, periodic table of elements
An overview of the Commelinales family
Keywords: Commelinales
Anger and bitterness within: a case of Tradescantia virginiana
Keywords: mouth vesicles, depressed husband, bitterness, divorce
I don't know who I am: a case of Tricyrtis hirta
Keywords: burnout, fear of disease, genital fungal infection, relationship problems, excluded
Sensitive, soft, and vulnerable: a case of Nymphaea odorata
Keywords: depression, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, changeable pains, insecurity, childlike, learning difficulties, sexual abuse
I feel very insecure and alone: two cases of Drimys winterii
Keywords: insomnia, palpitations, exhaustion, highly sensitive, alone, divorce
Look at me: a case of Morinda citrifolia
Keywords: confidence, ambition, lumbar hernia, creativity, will-power, Superman, self-critical
Feeling left out: a case of Sarsaparilla
Keywords: pharyngitis, pneumonia, cystitis, loss of position, unaccepted, ignored
Everything feels like a mountain: a case of Gnaphalium polycephalum
Keywords: responsibility, Lanthanides, fatigue, bronchitis, fevers, cystitis, M. Hashimoto, sciatica
Panorama: seminars and books
Keywords: panorama