April 2014

Everything feels like a mountain: a case of Gnaphalium polycephalum

by Jan Scholten

Woman, 55, fatigue

Jan Scholten (JS): Can you tell me your problem?

Patient (P): I am anxious about cancer. Cancer is in my whole family; my father, mother, and sisters had it. I think I am a Carcinosinum type as I take on too much responsibility for others, for my husband, and son, but also for my patients. I forget to go my own way. I am a psychotherapist and I have difficulty maintaining my boundaries. I keep thinking about my patients and feeling responsible for them. I would like to feel lighter, like a ballet dancer.

Being a psychotherapist is an indication for the Lanthanides: she takes on responsibility for others. The Lanthanide quality is confirmed by her knowledge of homeopathic remedies, she has studied the subject. She forgets to go her own way; ‘own way’ is also an aspect of Lanthanides, the word ‘own’ being very typical. The heaviness of her responsibility is often present in the Gold series in general.

JS: Do you have other problems?

P: I easily get very tired. It helps when I sleep well. Especially in the morning, I feel very fatigued and I look at what I have to do as though it is a mountain. I feel depressed, I cannot laugh anymore. I even get irritated when other people laugh.

Looking up to things as a mountain is typical for Stage 5. Stage 5 feels their goal is too much, too far away, too difficult to reach.

P: I have recurrent bronchitis with a dry barking cough. Then, I feel really ill and weak; I cannot do anything, I can only lie down. A few times, it developed into pneumonia.

JS: Can you tell me more about this?

P: I had the same cough and also a heavy pressure on my chest. I was very cold, alternating with heat and much shivering. I had high fever and perspiration.

These symptoms look like influenza, which is an indication for Asteraceae.

JS: Do you have other problems?

P: I have recurrent cystitis. I am menopausal, with severe hot flushes, especially at night. Then, I perspire a lot, especially on my head.

I have Hashimoto's disease with nodules in the thyroid. The thyroid is functioning too fast, which provokes hair loss and gives me palpitations.

I have sciatica from time to time, with pains radiating to my left leg.

Hashimoto thyroiditis is an auto-immune disease, which again indicates the Lanthanides.

Hot flushes are connected to Phase 5, the expansion quality.

JS: Do you react to the weather?

P: I like the sun. Lately, I like the darkness in the evening, because that means I do not have to do anything anymore.

JS: How do you react to food?

P: I like sweets and bread. I have an aversion to spicy food. Alcohol gives me the feeling of having a black out.

JS: What do you feel about animals and plants?

P: I like animals, especially my cat. I like plants even more. I love nature, the woods, trees, meadows. My favorites are meadow flowers and Lindheimer's beeblossom.

The Plant kingdom was already indicated by her sensitivity and empathy. It is confirmed by her love for nature and plants. Lindheimer's beeblossom is a consideration for her as she mentions it as one of her favorite flowers but it is from the Onagraceae, and they have no special connection with the Lanthanides.

JS: Can you tell me about your family?

P: My mother was very strict. She cared for us well physically but could not show any warmth. She was a very responsible woman and we have good contact. During my puberty, we had big disagreements for a few years, since then, I have felt limited by her.

The feeling of being limited is an indication of Phase 5. The responsibility and strictness of her mother can be seen in Phase 4.

JS: What about your father?

P: My father was an easy going person, loving, and enjoying life. He took things lightly and was loved by everyone.

The ‘enjoying life’ is an indication of Phase 5.

JS: Do you have sisters and brothers?

P: I had one sister. She died a few years ago from cancer. I was with her in the hospice for ten weeks. I do not have a problem with such things, I felt at ease in the hospice.

This means she at ease with essential things in life, not so much with superficial things. This again confirms the Lanthanides.

JS: Can you tell me about your marriage?

Patient: My husband is ambitious, doing as he likes. He can also be choleric and a few times in our marriage that was too much, making me think of divorcing him, but in general, we have a good relationship. He leaves me free and supports me in my endeavours, in my hobbies, and career.

Her marriage is basically stable, indicating Phase 4, but there are moments when it is not completely okay, which is like Phase 3 and Phase 5; a bit out of balance.

Taking the story in general: we need a plant with Lanthanide qualities, which we find in the Class Asteranae. The Lanthanide quality is quite emphasized, so the Subclass of Campanulidae is indicated.

Phase 4 in Campanulidae is Asteraceae; we encountered this already as it was indicated by the influenza symptoms.

There were many indications for Phase 5. Subphase 5 in Asteracae is Calendulaceae.

The Stage 5 in Calendulaceae is Gnaphalium polycephalum. Gnaphalium polycephalum also has sciatica and recurrent cystitis, so that fits nicely.

Prescription: Gnaphalium polycephalum MK

Follow up
After Gnaphalium polycephalum MK, she has an aggravation for five days, feeling depressed, and physically bad, empty, and weak. She even doubts if she will take a second dose, but a friend tests her with kinesiology and tells her that the remedy is correct. After six weeks, she starts feeling better, more relaxed. She does not look up to things as mountains anymore. She has more energy and pleasure. She decides to search for a more spiritual road in life.

Gnaphalium polycephalum MK is repeated once a month. After nine months, she feels really well. She is grateful for the remedy that she cherishes as a treasure. She feels grateful towards homeopathy. She has hardly complaints: the hot flushes, sciatica, coughing, and cystitis are gone. She has a lot of energy and does not look at things as though they are a mountain anymore. She experiences life as a holiday and can do all her jobs lightly. She can laugh again, from the depth of her soul. She feels relaxed and free. Her quality of life has gone from 30 to 95.

The experience of life as a holiday, specifically, is great. That is how life should be; that is health.

Photos: Wikimedia Commons
Gelbe kante; public domain
Gnaphalium sandwicensium; Forest&Kim Starr; Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported licence

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Keywords: responsibility, Lanthanides, fatigue, bronchitis, fevers, cystitis, M. Hashimoto, sciatica
Remedies: Gnaphalium polycephalum


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Jan Scholten
Posts: 10
Reply #4 on : Mon April 07, 2014, 22:06:06
No, it is another case.
Vitor Menescal
Posts: 10
Step-by-step analysis very helpful
Reply #3 on : Mon April 07, 2014, 17:15:15
Great case for those who have, like me, difficulties in understanding how the method is applied. I found the step-by-step analysis very helpful. It has many similarities with the case by Alex Leupen published in Wonderful Plants page 789. Is this the same case?
Jan Scholten
Posts: 10
Reply #2 on : Fri April 04, 2014, 16:52:01
Hashimoto's thyroiditis very often results in hypothyroidism with bouts of hyperthyroidism.
Johan Weerstra
Posts: 10
Case of Gnaphalium Polycephalum in April issue
Reply #1 on : Tue April 01, 2014, 20:20:22
I doubt the diagnosis of Hashimoto, for that has hypofunction of the thyroid and other signs and symptoms than she mentions. So if it is an autoimmunedisturbance of the thyroid is not sure.
So the therapy is nice, listening to the patient, not on behalf of the "diagnosis". May be by the functioning nodules; I hope these are gone also.
Johan W.