2013 November
Editorial: Insects and Spiders remedies
Keywords: editorial
Belittled and demeaned or the need to be someone big: Insect and Spider remedies
Keywords: activity, restless, powerless, demeaned, insulted, respect, transformation, anaphylaxis, angina, palpitation, inflammation, manipulative, possessive, insect, spider
I'll spin a web and chuck you into a tree: a case of Aranea Ixobola
Keywords: hyperactive, restless, climbing, sport injuries, asthma, eczema, teasing, winding up, spider
I was in her control, I had to defeat her physically: a case of Aranea diadema
Keywords: spider, under control, disrespect, react violently, on edge, exhaustion, lie down, kicked, smashed, attack, big, bigger, small, smaller, worthless, prove myself, achieve, victory
I want people to respect me more: a case of Blatta orientalis
Keywords: respect, disrespected, recognition, rich and famous, envious, restricted, constricted, oppressed, suffocated, breathless, allergy, allergic reaction, dirty, killed, insect, cockroach
Something gets under my skin and drives me crazy: a case of Sarcoptes scabiei
Keywords: restless legs, fibromyalgia, clenched teeth, under the skin, beaten child
My whole body is alive, there's a constant buzzing: a case of Schistocerca americana
Keywords: buzzing, alive, itching, skin crawling, desperate, out of control, extreme, famine, desert, desolation, gregarious, ambition, competitive, change, insomnia, insect, ants, alien, locust
Driven mad with sexual desire: a case of Cantharis
Keywords: competition, intense sexuality, fear of being attacked, fear of being crushed, impetuosity, team worker
Over-connection and possessive relationships over three generations: a case of Latrodectus mactans
Keywords: manipulative, stalking, over connection, possessive, sexual passion, trapped, sacrifice, palpitation, heart, abdominal pain, cramps, radiating, black widow spider
Comparing Insect remedy and Spider remedy themes
Keywords: Insect themes, Spider themes, comparison
Panorama: seminars and books
Keywords: seminars, books