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Comparing Insect remedy and Spider remedy themes

by Carolyn Burdet

 Animal Kingdom theme

Insect theme

Spider theme



Ambitious, hard working, work for the corporation. Striving, need to achieve goals for validation and material gain.

Ambition to be someone big or to do something big. Ambitious to become bigger. Attention seeking

Competition with a Winner/Loser

Ambitious to do better, improve, get ahead, make something of their life,

Competitive power struggle. Wants to get one over someone else. Victory! Must win, must come out on top  

Power struggle -

Me vs You

Domination, submissive, enslave, inferiority complex, downtrodden, want to be seen as an individual but feel like nothing

Exert their will over others. Overpowering, or wants to overcome an oppressor. Head belongs to another - personality sublimated into another person’s identity

Bigger than me / smaller than me 

Feel small, belittled, humiliated, feel as if people demean them and treat them like dirt

Won’t tolerate disrespect. Feels a need to be bigger in order to defend oneself from a bigger oppressor

Animal kingdom has hierarchy issues

Insects colonise. Feel as if they are working within a structure of control that is abusing them.

No fear, no intimidation, or feels manipulated and overpowered by someone. Big difference in power in a partnership (she is stronger)

 Key themes:

Change, Transition, Transformation are key themes for insect remedies

Vindictive, possessiveness, won’t let go, manipulative relationship, female revenge

Tubercular miasm

Trapped, suffocated, fly away,

restless activity,

Embroiled, entangled, can’t escape from a situation

Attack / defence is a survival issue

Violent impulses: ruthless, quick attack, fear of sudden death, incandescent rage, feels harrassed, fights back

Violent outbursts: pounces suddenly, premeditated impulse for revenge, spiders wait for prey to get caught up


Team sport, running around, one team wins; eg football

Likes violent sport, sadistic, brutal: boxing, kick boxing


Can be unfeeling, lack of empathy for others feelings, may ruthlessly exploit others

Cruelty, sadism, deceit, lies, trickster, plot to hurt, ‘take him for everything he’s got’


Cutting, stinging comments, gossip, unfeeling, abrupt

Joke, tricks, pranks, teasing, mockery, teasing, jibes, sly


Irritating, harassing, feels bullied (malarial miasm)

Annoying, trapped, stuck, under someone’s power

Sensitivity to environment

Over sensitive, irritable, buzzing, humming, wired

Sensitive to noise, vibration, rhythm, pulse, sound


Internal / physical restless - suffocated, restricted, tubercular miasm

Internal restlessness, physical restlessness and nervy, jerky movements


Impatient, in a hurry, rushing around, speedy, fidgeting, frenetic or fruitless activity

Impatient to have it, wants it now, can’t stand being kept waiting, demanding 


High energy, restless, fidgety, energy buzzing in their body, can’t relax

Highly strung nervy energy - noise /vibration reverberates in their whole body

Sexual desire

High sex drive, itching for sex, urgent desire, dispassionate, fickle, casual fling. Apis is an exception - sex is suppressed 

Passionate, high sexual energy, one partner has the upper hand, can be deceitful 

Animated Movement

Run, hop, fidgety, ADHD, itchy, scratchy, insect bites cause itchiness, restlessness

Jump out at someone, booby trap, climb, ropes, swings, spin, trapeze, ticklishness


Must keep busy, structured, organised, productive work to do goals or fruitless activity

Creativity, knitting, craft, art, textiles, handicraft, or there may be a desire to lie down


High energy, excitement, erratic, never stops moving, inexhaustible energy, or tired out. Keep busy even when ill

Rhythm, drumming, dance, Lassitude, lie down. Feels vibrations in body, noise sets their teeth on edge.

Animal kingdom is social, issues about their interaction with others

Social. Conform to society, corporate, follows orders. Insect remedy children may feel overlooked, ignored

Nonconformist, individual, committed to their family and children, spiders show parental care to their young


Insect delusions: feels used + abused, exploited, tormented, harassed, humiliated, small

Spider delusions: caught in a web, can’t leave a bad relationship, overpowered


Squished, squashed, bugged, demeaned, dirty, stepped on, despised, downtrodden, small

Crushed, crunched, kicked, smashed, tortured, distortion of size, enlargement of parts


Apis is jealous, there is a saying “jealous as lice”

Can be vindictive, revenge, turn tables, lies web of deceit

Attractive appearance

Materialistic, consumer, look good, fashion trends, brands, shiny colours, nail bar

Prefer black, red, green colours, individual style,


Consume stimulants, drugs, caffeine, to stay wired

Craving: to smoke tobacco or marijuana to relax

Animal species in relation to humankind

Insects are stepped on, low, crushed, exterminated, dirty, treated as an infestation (fleas, flies, lice, mosquitoes) 

Spiders make people jump, elicit fear + phobias, spider remedies treat panic, heart arrhythmia + palpitations



An insect remedy feel small, treated like dirt, filthy, dirty, to overcompensate, they clean, tidy, wash compulsively

Spider cases want to appear bigger and stronger to overcome their oppressor, so plot to get the upper hand

Symptoms + Sensations

Burning, itching, pricking pain, swelling, allergic reaction

Lassitude, enlargement, vibration, nervous conditions


Hot, red, burning

Cold, chilly to the bones


Hot, itchy, Worse from heat, Better for cold applications (Apis)

Palpitations Better for warm showers (Lactrodectus mactans)

Affinity / pathology symptoms

Urinary tract infection, rash, allergic reactions, sore throat, with swelling constriction

Heart palpitations, angina, fatigue, hysteria, nerves, jerky, injury, blood platelets

Appetite / Desires

Big appetite, constant hunger, feels starved, appetite for sugar

Juice, liquidised food

Can go for long periods without eating, indigestion


Themes Common in Insect Remedies

Busy, active, restless, industrious, organised

Ambitious to be better, acquisitive, materialistic, showy, wealth and status

Change, improvement, develop, to make something of themselves 

Feeling small, powerless, helpless, insulted, humiliated, belittled, used, taken advantage of

Squished, crushed, stepped on, squashed, trampled, downtrodden

Dirty, ugly, repulsive, disgusting, no good, cheap, low, degraded

Desire for a more elevated less lowly existence, dreams of taking flight

Symptoms Common in Insect Remedies

Suffocated, constricted, oppressed in the throat or chest

Itching, crawling, prickling skin

Buzzing, vibrating in the body

Urinary tract symptoms, irritation of genitals

Burning, stinging, stabbing pain

Hoarseness of voice, aversion to fluids

Appetite, hunger,

Worse from heat, better in the open air, better from cold applications

Insect classifications

Coleoptera - beetles

Dictyoptera - cockroach, praying mantis

Diptera - housefly, mosquitoes

Hymenoptera - ants, bees, wasps

Lepidoptera - butterfly, moths

Orthoptera - locusts, crickets

Pterygota Phthiraptera anoplura - lice, blood sucking, wingless parasites

Siphonatpera - fleas

Zygoptera Odonata - dragonfly, damselfly

Characteristics of Insect groups

Hymenoptera - highly organised social structures
Ants, bees, wasps: Busy activity, home, family, social duty, bossy, organised
Vespa: home life feels unstable, fragile, sarcasm, stinging repeatedly
Apis: organised, industrious, bossy, home loving, fastidious, inflammation amel cold water
Ants: industrious, tireless activity, unemotional, dreams aliens, robots

Diptera - housefly, mosquitoes
Musca Domestica: dirty, low, worthless, ‘rubbish’, belittled, confusion, perversion, porn
Mosquitoes: harassing, malarial miasm

Cantharis: frenzy, activity, overreaction, mania, stabbing pain, burning pain, cystitis, burns

Beetles: hard shell, fragile inside, feels vulnerable, bullied, feels used, feels guilty, stability
Doryphora (potato beetle feeds on solanaceae): allergy, addiction, loquacity, bloating, red

Cockroach: numb, indifference, crushed, ambition for status, to be polished, successful
Preying mantis: brutality, cursing, anger, thinks others are victimising them

Lice, fleas: Parastic, greedy, needy, clingy, get too close, talk about themselves

Butterfly, moths: Restless, flitting, lack concentration, confusion, fickle, change to survive

Locusts, crickets: irritability, ambition to be the best, hunger, emptiness, cold, fear of attack

Zygoptera Odonata
Dragonfly, damselfly: Floating, meditative, attacking, responsibility vs irresponsibility


Themes Common in Spider Remedies
- enervation, sensitivity to noise, sound, vibrations felt in the body, noise
- dancing, music, beat, rhythm, drumming
- restlessness, activity, restless legs, busy hands
- joking, pranks, teasing, tricks, trickery, flattery, risk taking, defiant, outspoken
- jumping, hiding, jumping out, pouncing, climbing, ropes
- tubercular miasm – in a hurry, on the lookout for new and interesting
- deceit, sly, cunning, plotting, conniving
- reclusive, individual (not social like insects, but spiders are close to children)
- power struggle, jealousy, revenge, feel small, powerless, female dominance
- fear of spiders or fascination with spiders
- issues of being trapped or caught, paralysis symptoms
- palpitations, cramping pains, breathing difficulty, feels cold to the bones
- fear of illness, death, hypochondria, psychosomatic, depressed by illness
- inflammation, swelling of wound, oedema, abdominal pain, delirium
- jerky movements, chorea, cannot sit still, vertigo
- nervous exhaustion, weariness, lassitude, wants to lie down, prostration
- attractiveness, sexuality, adornment
- dyslexia, poor memory

Arachnida Remedies

Aranomorpha: eg Aranea
Spin cobwebs in the air.

Mygalomorpha: eg Atrax, Mygale, Tarentula cubensis
Live in funnel hole in the ground. Camouflage the entrance with a twig or leaf like a trap door.

Aranea diadema – papal-cross spider – garden spider (spins a fresh web daily and lives suspended in the air)

Aranea ixobola – the cross spider (larger than diadema)

Aranea scinenencia – grey spider

Atrax robusta – trap-door spider (lives in a hole in the ground)

Latrodectus hasseltii – redback spider

Latrodectus katipo – New Zealand spider

Latrodectus mactans – black widow spider (has a messy funnel-shaped web)

Loxosceles reclusa – brown recluse spider (isolation, sudden attack)

Mygale – black Cuban spider, bird spider (vigorous sexual urge)

Tarentula cubensis – decomposed Cuban spider (known as a remedy for boils)

Tarentula hispanica – tarantula (benchmark of spider characteristics)

Tegenaria domestica – house spider

Tela arnaea – spider’s web

Theridion – orange spider (keynote: hands busy, knitting, craves oranges, bananas, sensitive to noise)

Scorpion remedies Androctonos and Buthus australis are also arachnids but they have different characteristics and modalities. For this reason the scorpion remedies are not included in this comparison chart or general summary of spider symptoms. Instead of spiders’ teasing and joking there is isolation, cold blooded violence, the ‘lone fighter in the desert’.

Symptoms in Specific Spider Remedies

Sensitive to music, noise, vibration, light                      Aranea diadema Tarantula Theridion Lat-m

Teasing, Witty                                                              Aranea Ixobola, Tarantula

Cunning, Sly, Deceitful, Plotting                                   Tarantula, Latrodectus mactans, Aranea, Ixobola, Loxosceles reclusa

Restless, active, compelled to move                             Aranea diad, Mygale, Tarantula, Theridion

Restless yet worse from least motion                            Latrodectus mactans

Nervous                                                                       Theridion

Sense of danger, threat                                               Latrodectus mactans, Mygale

Concern for family’s health                                          Aranea Ixobola

Wants to fight, boxing                                                 Aranea Ixobola, Tarantula,

Twitching, jerking                                                        Mygale, Tarantula

Cramping pain                                                             Aranea Ixobola, Latrodectrus mactans

Tension, constriction, angina                                       Latrodectus mactans

Abdominal pain, back pain                                          Latrodectus mactans, Loxosceles reclusa

Cardiovascular disorders, heart palpitation                 Aranea Ixobola, Latrodectus mact, Mygale

Inflammation, lymph, cellulitis, oedema                       Latrodectus katipo                         

Nerve pain                                                                  Aranea diadema, Aranea Ixobola

Sensation of swollen enlargement                               Aranea diadema

Violent (troublesome) sexual passion                          Mygale, Latrodectus hasselti

Crave coffee, tobacco, smoking                                  Aranea diadema, Aranea Ixobola,

Icy coldness hands + feet, chilliness                           Aranea diadema, Aranea Ixobola, Mygale, Tarantula, Theridion

Burning pains                                                             Latrodectus hasselti

Chilly but flushes of heat                                            Latrodectus mactans

Head belongs to another                                           Theridion, Latrodectus mactans

Flying, floating in the air, vertigo                                Latrodectus hasselti

Crying in fully grown men                                           Latrodectus mactans

Better open air                                                          Aranea diadema, Aranea Ixobola, Tarantula

Worse, cold, damp                                                     Araena diad, Latrodectus mactan, Tarantula

Better warm bathing                                                 Latrodectus mactans

Periodicity                                                                 Aranea diadema, Mygale, Tarantula

Sensation hollow, emptiness                                     Loxosceles reclusa

Books and Further Reading

Frans Vermeulen - The New Synoptic One - (Apis, Aranea Diadema, Tarantula, Theridion)
Frans Vermeulen - Synoptic Materia Medica 2 - (Aranea Ixobola, Mygale, Androctonus (scorpion), Buthus Australis (scorpion))
Frans Vermeulen - Prisma - (Apis, Aranea Diadema, Latrodectus mactans, Tarantula, Theridion)
Peter Fraser - Insects - Escaping the Earth
Massimo Mangialavori - Milk and Bugs
Roger Morrison - Desktop Guide
Patricia Le Roux - Butterflies
Alize Timmerman - The Family Factor in the Treatment of Children – the book is available at her seminars, and an article on The Family Factor in the Treatment of Children was published in Homeopathic LINKS 2010 vol 23:30-35
Farokh Master - Spider group remedies
Jenni Tree - Owning the Earth - article in Homeopathic Links Volume 23 4/10
Misha Norland and Peter Fraser - proving of schistocerca gregaria
Jeremy Sherr - proving of damselfly Calopteryx splendens
Louis Klein - proving of Loxosceles reclusa http://www.homeopathycourses.com/pdf/Loxosceles_Reclusa_Complete.pdf
Jonathan Hardy - masterclass and seminar notes
David Mundy - seminar notes

Photos: Wikimedia Commons
Dragonfly in morning dew; ArvindSureh;
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license
Honey bee swarm; Mark Osgatharp;
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license
Pumpkin spider, Araneus trifolium and its web with fog droplets; Broken Inaglory; Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license


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