2012 September
Editorial: the wondrous world of the Noble Gases
Keywords: editorial, noble gases, lighting, enlightenment, anaesthetic
The Noble Gases: the starry night of Helium
Keywords: noble gases, periodic table, provings, inertia, universal force, perfect, isolation, mountaintop, ghosts, community, out of body, upright, disconnection
Zero activity: the Noble Gases and Helium
Keywords: noble gases, stage 18, helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon, radon, ununoctium, periodic table, Mendelejev, Scholten, noble gas configuration, stages, series, group zero
A proving of Helium
A proving of Helium, by Hélène Renoux
Keywords: proving, Helium, lack of viscosity, heat conductor, inert, spectrometer, missile launch, fiber optics, integrated circuits, altered bodily perceptions, inner cold, hot flushes, existence, disembodiment, self-assertion, autism, explosive
An autistic boy; a case of Helium
Keywords: autism spectrum disorder, developmental retardation, communication difficulties, toe-walking, echolalia
The air is too heavy; a case of Xenon
Keywords: androgenic alopecia, migraine, asthma, light sensitivity, cold light, heavy air, weightlessness, space rocket, propulsion
No one at the door; a case of Neon
Keywords: HIV positive, no one at the door, weakness, positive disposition, dreams
Preaching from the rooftops: a case of Neon
Keywords: HIV positive, weakness, dreams of flying, undisturbed by adversity, water, giving blessings