2012 September

A proving of Helium

by Hélène Renoux


Every year I organize a proving with a group of homeopathy students and volunteers for a hands-on training. I was looking for a remedy whose materia medica needs expanding and is easy to find at the same time. Going through Mendeleyev’s table of elements, I spotted Helium and realized that, while we think we have some knowledge about it, it is in fact practically absent from the repertories, and the notes from previous provings are not available in French. We only have second-hand information and impressions but its truth remains hidden and inaccessible. As it happens, I met the representatives of a Neapolitan laboratory. Besides their Mediterranean charm, I was positively impressed by their very serious and rigorous methodology of remedy preparation and by the fact that they immediately agreed to cooperate with me in this experiment, which they did very professionally. I did not know yet how significant this choice would be…

Material and method

The methodology was a long-term (>1 month) double blind proving with placebo controls.

A group of 11 students, under the supervision of teachers and students in the final year, were given 6 doses each after a draw. There were 7CH, 9CH, 15CH, 30CH and 200K doses and some placebo doses.


Helium is a rare or noble gas, practically inert. It is the second most widespread element on Earth after Hydrogen. The earth crust releases it in large amounts but its very light atoms fly up to high atmosphere layers, where the gas is present in its highest concentrations.

Helium is only found in nature as a gas. It has the lowest boiling point of all the elements and – as quantum physics has shown – it can hardly solidify because the energy of its atoms at the fundamental state is too high. This is why it a gas that tends to stay in the gaseous phase.

One of its isotopes is a superfluid with total lack of viscosity: it does not produce any friction.

It is the best heat conductor of all: it does not hold any heat.

It is very hard to confine, it crawls over surfaces, even against gravity, and can sneak into the smallest holes.

It poorly binds to other elements. Only artificial, very unstable compounds can be made.

The above features make it a unique element and will all be echoed in the material medica symptoms.

Some clues from the story of the discovery of helium and its applications are also found in the materia medica.

Helium was first detected in 1868, when a French astronomer, Jules Janssen, spotted its yellow line in the sunlight during a solar eclipse in Guntur (India). A few years later, in1882, its presence on Earth was discovered by an Italian scientist, Luigi Palmieri, by means of a spectral analysis of lava from Mount Vesuvius.

Since then, it has been extracted mainly in the States, at Amarillo, Texas, and has taken its place in the main historical events of the 20th century: a helium mass spectrometer is the key to the notorious Manhattan project of the atomic bomb. Later on, liquid helium became indispensible to launch missiles during the conquest of space and the cold war. Nowadays, because of chronic shortage, it is a strategic high-value raw material for applications such as fiber optics and integrated circuits.

Summary of the proving symptoms

The strongest physical symptoms in this material medica are:

1- Altered skin sensitivity

- hypoesthesia, in the sense of skin anesthesia, insensitivity to cold, heat, even when pinching or scratching oneself on the face or on the body. Sensation of cardboard skin, aggravated when sleeping on that area of the body.

- or unpleasant hyperesthesia aggravated by touch; skin hyperesthesia with burning sensation.

- or itching in different areas of the body, as if the itch is moving, in the back, on the limbs, on the face. Itching after exercise that warms the body up or with warmth in bed.

2- Sharp pain

Right sub-costal, abdominal with false urgency, piercing at the meatus of the urethra, in the cardiac region from the scapula to the heart, in the back, and in the extremities in different places.

3- Spasmodic pain

Abdominal spasms with nausea; violent uterine spasms similar to abortive pains. These symptoms are related to dreams where a child falling is caught at the last moment.

4- Sensory alterations

Visual hyperacuity, clearer vision, vision in every angle, or blurred vision, poor accommodation.

Altered visions: own body or others’ bodies deformed.

Sensation of a mass in the nose, in the throat as if blocked.

Altered taste or smell.

5- A sensation of inner cold or hot flushes

Icy cold in the bones, as if ice was freezing inside the body.

Sensation of body warming up, waves of hot flushes, desire to undress.

6- Changes in appetite

Several provers describe a ravenous appetite, while others say they feel indifferent about food, with one saying he even felt like fasting.

And also:

- Headaches, especially left-sided, ameliorated on lying down

- Burning pains in the eyes

- Rhinitis with clear secretion

- Sore throat with sensation of a lump inside or constriction

- Diarrhea with mucous secretion

- Delayed or diminished menstruations

- Cough aggravated by cold air

- Copious shivering


I exist!

Increased energy, explosive desire to affirm oneself, to refuse compromises, to realize one’s aspirations, which can lead to explosive anger.

A sensation of inner joy and laughter. Easily bursting into loud laughter, sometimes for no reason. Wanting to laugh and to make people laugh, while sometimes remaining in a bad mood: laughter becomes an expression of the self.

I am elsewhere

Detached: nothing really matters anymore, conflicts and bad news do not matter anymore. Even affection for other persons seems diminished.

For some provers, aversion for company.

Confusion, sadness, fatigue

Concerning sexuality, it is astonishing to observe that sexual image, especially in dreams, seem detached from the body, and from feelings: a vulva is seen as isolated, like a flower, men are strip-teasers. Sex is an object, disembodied sex.

And the dreams:

Many provers dream of family arguments, as in “I’m going to say what I have never dared to say” or “I’m going to do what I’ve never dared or been able to do”.

Other provers dream of dead family members or ex-lovers with, in between the lines, an idea of a need for better understanding, for having access to family secrets never revealed before (I search to unveil family secrets).

Another amazing feature of this proving is the presence of incredible coincidences: the city of Naples, Italy, appeared in two dreams, which is the place where helium was first discovered on Earth, in the lava of Mount Vesuvius. The date of 1860 appeared in one of these dreams; it is around that date that helium yellow line was first seen in the sun chromosphere. Finally, Naples is also the city where the remedy doses have been made.

The city of Bourg-la-reine, where the doses have been delivered once shipped from Naples, appeared in some dreams, too. Finally, at the sight of a kaleidoscope of light diffraction, reminiscent of the sun chromosphere, one prover startled with a feeling of bewilderment.

Is this the dream of understanding hidden secrets from the past coming true?


Two themes can be highlighted:

1- A difficult relationship with material reality

2- Self-assertion, individuality, individualism

The physical characteristics of helium are: tendency to stay in the gaseous phase, hard to liquefy, even harder to solidify; does not bind, cannot be confined, has the natural tendency to leave the Earth, flying up high in the atmosphere, keeps cold and is a good heat conductor because it does not keep it.

All these point to a problem with material reality, an evanescent body which may give renounce food, which, like a ghost, can be passed through unobstructed, whose body boundaries are not well perceived, becoming less sensitive or more painfully sensitive. A frozen body, as in high atmosphere, which when warming up (reviving) itches and bothers.

At the same time, as he does not make ties, helium takes his place, by laughing noisily to occupy the space around him, daring to say things he had never said, and trying to openly unveil family secrets of which he was, until now, the unconscious or passive keeper.

He asserts himself by disembodying, becoming an individual spirit, detached from the others, even from his own child who falling and is just caught at the last minute, at arms’ length, far from the body…. by the mind.

Conversely to hydrogen, who lives his immateriality as an incompleteness, helium is like a natural-born « Taoist », desireless, mastering, without being bound by them, the contingencies he does not care for.

Based on Jan Scholten’s work, Helium is considered as a remedy for autism (Alex Leupen presents a case in “Helium and autism” – Links May 2011). Generally speaking, Helium is an isolated individual, disconnected as much from his own body as from the others, who asserts his isolated existence in a dematerialised, though explosive, manner.


Participants :



Events occuring during the proving

E5  woman 40

200 K


E6  woman 55

15 CH


E7  man

200 K


E8  woman 49

15 CH

Flu syndrome at the beginning of the pathogenesis

E9  woman 40

15 CH


E10 woman 20

30 CH


E11 man 36

200 K


E13 woman 31



E14 woman 37

30 CH


E15 woman 33



E16 woman 39

7 CH



Laboratoire homéopathique C.E.M.O.N (Centro di Medicina Omeopathica Napoli) Viale Antonio Gramsci, 18   80122 - Naples – ITALIE -                  Pharmacienne: Tereza Cantore


Dr Hélène RENOUX

129 bis avenue de la république 94800 Villejuif -  FRANCE

E-mail : helenerenoux@yahoo.fr

Institut National Homéopathique Français- Paris

Secrétariat : 60 rue Saint-Lazare 75009 Paris – FRANCE

Tél./Fax : + 331 40 16 55 99

E-mail : inhf-paris@nerim.net

Site internet  http://www.inhfparis.com


La pathogénésie d’Hélium, Hélène RENOUX  INHF-Paris 2011

Hélium sur http://wikipedia.org 

Conseil national de recherches Canada;  http://cnrc-nrc.gc.ca 

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Documentation praxair technology; http://praxair;com/

Documentation Futura science 2011; http://futura-sciences.com 

“Homeopathy and the Elements”, Jan Scholten Utrecht, 1996

Photos: Wikimedia Commons
The "creeping" phenomenon in Helium II; Aarchiba
Lava streams in the Valle del Bove on Mount Etna; Guiseppe




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Hélène Renoux
Posts: 7
response to comment from Michelle
Reply #3 on : Mon September 29, 2014, 09:20:51
Le remède helium est disponible chez CEMON à Naples, ce sont eux qui ont fourni les doses de l'expérimentation, store.cemon.eu/fr
On le trouve aussi en Autriche chez remedia, http://www.remedia-homeopathy.com/en/homeopathy/Helium/a2928.html
ou en Angleterre chez helios , http://www.helios.co.uk/shop/helium-1
Je suis très intéressée par les éventuels résultats cliniques obtenus, ils donneront de "la chair" et une existence renforcée au remède.
Bien cordialement
Michelle BA
Posts: 7
Reply #2 on : Sun September 28, 2014, 20:27:38
Bonjour Dr Renoux,
savez-vous où je peux trouver un tube de granules homéopathiques à l'hélium en 15 CH ou mieux 30 CH ou 200 K svp ?


Posts: 7
Workshop in Switzerland
Reply #1 on : Mon January 21, 2013, 18:42:52
New event in April:
Sun 06.04.2013 to Mon 07.04.2013, 09:00 - 18:00
HOMEOGENIUMseminars : New provings with Dr Hélène Renoux
New remedies, rediscovered remedies, the contribution of modern provings to homeopathic practice
thanks for sharing