2012 September

Preaching from the rooftops: a case of Neon

by Jeremy Sherr

The patient has been diagnosed HIV positive in April 2010. He began antiretroviral  treatment (ARVs) at the same time. CD4 at the time was 136, now it is down to 98, which indicates treatment failure - the ARV medication has stopped working.

He has pain and swelling in both legs. He used to have diarrhoea before ARVs; now, only occasionally.

His main complaint is that he feels extremely weak, especially while walking. He finds it difficult to do physical work or walk long distances; his legs feel heavy. No work means no money to feed his family.


Pain in forehead
Vision is poor
Some vertigo
Tongue pale with white coating
Frequent urination, which can be very scanty
Profuse perspiration at night
Appetite poor
Numbness legs and fingers; occasional swelling of legs
Sleep poor.

blessing handHis wife ran away but he does not mind.

Dream that he is flying, lands on the roof tops, and is blessing people from there. In the dream, he can bless people, but when wakes he feels alone.

He is happy. He says nothing bothers him other than having no work.

Prescription: Neon 200C twice a week for a month.


Water issues feature strongly in the case: frequent, scanty urination, perspiration, diarrhoea and swelling. Water is a major issue in Neon, appearing in physical symptoms, dreams and mentals. His dream of blessing people is typical of the ‘spiritual teacher’ aspect of Neon, as are his happiness and lack of concern about his adverse circumstances; disease, wife leaving him.

Follow up

Six weeks later: “Thank you very much, the remedy helped a lot!’ I feel much better.”
Now, he is stronger and can walk long distances. The heaviness in the legs is much better, the swelling is almost gone. His energy is also much better; he can farm and work. Before, he had to lie down often. The headache is better. He feels like he is cured.

Appetite is better, he eats much more. Before, he had no appetite and at times would go two days without eating. Vertigo is gone. Vision is much better, can even read now. Urination is normal, not frequent or scanty. Perspiration at night has stopped. No more numbness in extremities. Sleep is much better. No dreams. He feels much better in himself, strong and healthy.

Prescription: Neon 200C once a week

Three months later: he is totally well. The remedy has helped him a lot. Legs are much better, no pain or swelling. He is eating well and feels strong. All other symptoms are much better. “There is no problem.” No CD4 check yet.

Prescription: Neon 12c daily (I did not have any 200C)

Six months after starting the remedy, he came to see me dressed in a suit (highly unusual in Africa). He dressed up specially to thank me. He feels very well and strong all around. He is working and making money. His CD4 is now 248.


Adapted with permission from the introduction of Jeremy Sherr’s forthcoming series on the noble gases. The first volume “Helium” will be published in late 2012 by Saltire Books. “Neon” and “Argon” will be published in 2013. Copyright Saltire Books Limited.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
The "Hand of God" welcomes the faithful with a gesture of blessing; Daniel Villafruela

Keywords: HIV positive, weakness, dreams of flying, undisturbed by adversity, water, giving blessings
Remedies: Neon

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