2012 May
Editorial: Homeopathy
Keywords: editorial
It's a scary world out there: three cases of Arsenicum sulphuratum flavum
Keywords: anxiety, Aspergers, invasion, over-sensitive, hot Arsenicum, empathetic, temper tamtrums
Addicted to love: a case of Rose quartz immersion
Keywords: addiction to love, bi-polar, vaginal problems, sexual abuse, spender
Illegitimacy and survival: a case of Leprominium
Keywords: dermatitis, disgust, isolation, rejection, approval, illegitimacy, survival
An epileptic dog: a case of Cicuta virosa
Keywords: convulsions, periodicity, violent, early morning, bad breath, frothing from the mouth
Triticum vulgare: widely used in Substance, little known in Dilution
Keywords: wheat, maintaining causes, obstacles to cure, allergy symptoms, chronic fatigue
I want to be independant from the apron strings: a case of Buteo jamaicensis
Keywords: frustration, restless, itchy, intense, implosive, imprisoned, release, freedom