2012 April
Editorial: treasure trove
Editorial: treasure trove, by Deborah Collins
Keywords: editorial
Playing with the rules; a case of Uranium
Keywords: asthma, celiac, osteoporosis, genetic disease, bone marrow problems, uranium series, creativity
I want to be a bird: a case of Cuprum arsenicosum
Keywords: eczema, itching, fear of robbers, death, animals, desire to be a bird
I always thought I was less than a man: a case of Gecko
Keywords: anxiety, fear of women, fear of confrontation, obessession with money, childhood sexual molestation, victim/aggressor, power, control
Everything can be blown away; a case of Campanula rapunculus
Keywords: PMS, insecurity, fear of life, Boron, Lanthanide, Asterales, birds
Homeopathy and dyslexia
Homeopathy and dyslexia, by Maarten van der Meer
Keywords: dyslexia, non-verbal communication, isolation, insecure, learning difficulties, Lanthanums, Caesium muriaticum, Dirca palustris, Malvales
Exploring sarcodes: a very hurried man
Keywords: asthma, sluggish, impatience, speed, sarcodes, histamine
Welwitschia mirabilis: duality and transformation
Keywords: Welwitschia mirabilis, tweeblaarkanniedood, survivor, number two, duality, transformation, yin/yang