2012 April

Playing with the rules; a case of Uranium

by Jan Scholten

A man in his fifties comes with several complaints. He has had severe asthma for forty years, and has been to many specialists due to attacks that would last for up to two days, ending in coma. He has always been very underweight; he has had celiac disease, with cramps and diarrhoea, as have some of his children. Severe osteoporosis was discovered when his bones began to break and the muscles loosened from the bones after minor accidents. He felt as though there was a painful iron band around his chest and he could not inspire deeply enough. He was out of breath easily and temperature changes were difficult for him, e.g. heated air in shop entrances. As a child he had eczema, and he was operated on for phimosis. He had a severe pain on the left side of his nose after a septum operation “as though someone is standing with a foot on my eye.” Now he has emphysema; when it worsens he has painful cramps in his hands and feet on stretching in bed.

He realised that through his many illnesses in his youth he had become used to manipulating the situation, he played with his “victim” role. He managed to have his exams times spread out rather than at the times of his fellow students. “I used to be fond of my handicaps, they enabled me to play with the rules. I came to school late, did as I pleased. Finally, I took responsibility for my health and decreased my medication, despite what my doctor and my specialist recommended.”

He is a psychologist; he manages several different houses for difficult children. Here too, he plays with the rules, for instance in order to get enough money to be independent. He goes to church, where he likes to create problems by standing up and speaking out when the minister says something he doesn’t agree with. “I am impulsive, but I restrain myself. I like extremes.” He is very intuitive – he can see through situations immediately; he tells of briefly looking through the book-keeping accounts and straight away seeing one number that was not correct. “I used to think of myself as a feeling person, but others see me as a thinker. I am always thinking, creating. I like to have ideas. I like to keep to agreements, and I expect others to keep to theirs.” 

His body is decaying; he has a genetic disease (celiac) and bone marrow problems. The severity of his ailments, and the fact that he likes to play with the rules points to the Uranium series. Here the body is giving way; only the mind, with its enormous creativity, is left. Rules are not for him anymore. His big bulging eyes point to Uranium. He was given Uranium 1M.

His emphysema improved, the cramps disappeared, and he had fewer bone breaks, which healed much faster. His celiac disease healed up completely. His creativity “exploded” after the remedy.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
A billet of highly enriched uranium that was recovered from scrap processed at the Y-12 National Security Complex Plant.


Keywords: asthma, celiac, osteoporosis, genetic disease, bone marrow problems, uranium series, creativity
Remedies: Uranium

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