2012 April

Editorial: treasure trove

by Deborah Collins

From our “treasure trove” we have a wide variety of cases and a proving from the Namib desert, with authors spanning the globe.
Jan Scholten, from Holland, brings a case from the realm of the radioactive remedies, displaying a theme of that group: the ability to stand above matter, while one’s body is in a state of decay.
From Brazil, Carlos Lima Melo presents a case where one first wonders “is it a man, is it a bird, is it…?” And then, shows how one can find a remedy one knows little or nothing about, simply by putting together the informations in a logical fashion.
Doug Brown from the US comes up with a surprising remedy from the lizard family, while listening to his patient talk about old issues of abuse and the effects on his present life. Martin Jakob, from Germany, presents a case where the remedy could easily have been confused with several others – bird remedies, Lanthanides, and Boron – thus illustrating the theme of the Campanulacea.
Maarten van der Meer, from Holland, has two cases of dyslexia, and differentiates between two very different groups of remedies, the Lanthanides and the Malvales, who each have their own problems with reading and understanding words.
Ghanshyam Kalathia, from India, illustrates the world of the sarcodes, remedies made from human tissue, with the case of a very hurried man with asthma.
Marijke Creveld, from Holland, who has searched the world for long-lived trees, presents us with a proving of a tree that seems to live forever, a true survivor.
Dinesh Chauhan’s newest book, “The Scientifically Intuitive Case-Witnessing Process” provides a clear and easy to follow method for following the spore in the search of the perfect remedy; tracking the problem to its very roots in three steps.
Again, we are grateful to have this opportunity to bring together authors with different approaches and experiences, showing the many ways in which homeopathy can be practiced successfully. We wish you much reading pleasure, and look forward to receiving your cases and your comments.

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