2011 September
Editorial: the inner beauty of the Lanthanides
Keywords: Lanthanides
Lanthanides: homeopaths as patients
Keywords: Lanthanides, homeopaths
Neodymium sulphuricum in 10 cases
Keywords: auto-immune diseases, freedom, autonomy, service, problems in relationships
Terbium metallicum: psoriasiform eczema and tinnitus
Keywords: psoriasiform eczema, tinnitus, gentleman, control
Europium oxydatum: ulcero-hemorrhagic rectocolitis
Keywords: ulcero-hemorrhagic rectocolitis, domination, control, money issues, perfection, being on a mission
Cerium carbonicum: idiopathic purpura
Keywords: idiopathic purpura, independance, timidity, in a cocoon, fear of new situations
Cerium oxydatum: arthritis psoriatica
Keywords: arthritis psoriatica, as in a glass bell, outside of the world, feeling unfairly treated, love of classical music
Lanthanum phosphoricum: progressive muscular distrophy
Keywords: progressive muscular distrophy, lack of confidence, being laughed at, hiding
Lanthanum oxydatum: a matter of chromosomes
Keywords: partial trisomy, severe anger, dictatorial, tiredness cryptorchidy, apnoea, allergies
Lanthanides and allergies
Lanthanides and allergies, by Marguerite Pelt
Keywords: Lanthanides, auto-immune diseases, allergies