2011 September

Europium oxydatum: ulcero-hemorrhagic rectocolitis

by Ramon Frendo

A. is a thirty year old woman, married and mother of one child – she works as a physiotherapist. She comes due to ulcero-hemorrhagic rectocolitis, which started in 2000; she was then 20.

“I started to have blood in my stools, I had intermittent bouts of abundant rectal hemorrhage. For several years, I didn’t do any tests because my doctor thought it was severe hemorrhoids problems, despite the fact that I had 4 to 6 stools a day. In 2005, that went up to 10 stools a day; I was bleeding dry. I went to see another doctor, who sent me for a coloscopy. I was then diagnosed with ulcero-hemorrhagic rectocolitis.”

She was prescribed Pentasa and Betnesol, which did not bring any relief. She also took Turmeric capsules.

Despite the treatment with Pentasa, she continues to suffer a hemorrhagic crisis once a month. She remains anemic with a marked aggravation during her periods, which are heavy. “I’ve taken the pill from the age of 17 to 27. I had my first period when I was 13. I first got pregnant with a treatment of Clomid and Duphaston, but the pregnancy failed.

Medical history:
-         severe rectal pains; must sit or lie down
-         tired, irritable, weak
-         feels defeated
-         crisis of hyperthyroidism; losing weight despite eating a lot
-         no major antecedent
-         Hepatitis B vaccine

Family history:
-         Mother: 1955, treated by antidepressants and Lexomyl. She has always had digestive problems; gastritis, hemorrhoids
-         Father: 1953, suffers from osteoarthritis; coxarthrosis with hip replacement
-         Several cases of digestive cancer: maternal grandfather and paternal uncle

Her personality is joyous and energetic, also complaining and irritable, alternating busyness and tiredness: “When I was young, I had tantrums.” She is a perfectionist.
Her parents divorced when she was 24. She had been working as a physiotherapist for a year.

Ramon Frendo (RF): What affects you the most?

A: “My parents’ separation. It was so unexpected, so incomprehensible, a lack of communication.”

RF: What was your reaction?

A: “I was saddened… I felt betrayed by my mother, who left my father. I would have preferred that they had argued in front of us. I feel angry inside.

RF: What do you mean by ‘perfectionist’?

A: “I wanted to be perfect in relation to my older sister, who was academically gifted. I was obsessed by it; I was always first of the class and first of my year. Meanwhile, I had low self-esteem, I felt like I had no worth. My sister, who was considered more intelligent than me, has failed in everything. She failed her pharmacist studies and now she is just a pharmacist’s helper.”

RF: What about your childhood?

A: “I was always on the move. I wanted to learn the piano but I was told that it would be my sister who would learn it. I finally learned it, despite my parents saying that she would be better.”

RF: What about your relationship with your sister?

A: “It’s fine now but for a long time there was much jealousy. We fought until I was 20. She would look for me and then I would beat the hell out of her. Since I had more energy and I was stronger, I dominated her. I’ve tried to suppress the fact that my parents preferred my sister. I’m still upset with my mother. Until she failed her studies, they thought she was infallible.”

RF: Do you sleep well? Any dreams?

A: “I sleep well. I have a dream where I am being pursued by people who want to kill me (with firearms, or I’m being beaten). It’s as if I was able to change the scenario. In the dream, I’m still the master and they can never catch me. I manage to hide but the pursuit never stops. In another dream, I have a task that I cannot do. It’s either smuggling or trying to get something out of someone, and I’m being threatened.”

RF: What is your relationship with money?

A: “My mother often frightened me with money: “if we do that, we’ll end up in the street; if we don’t work enough, we’ll have to sell the house…” I’m always afraid of losing money. In life, however, I experience people as beautiful and kind. I give everything and sometimes I’m taken advantage of. I’ve got to be much stricter with people.”

RF: How did you studies go?

A: “I worked a lot, all the time. I forced my husband to eat at my desk while I continued to work. After each exam, I felt I hadn’t done well enough, I wanted to control everything.

RF: Can you tell me more about this?

A: “I’ve been able to study physiotherapy because my sister had failed her pharmacy studies. My parents thought that studying was too expensive. I wanted to know everything, anatomy, etc… I can’t stand mistakes. If I make a mistake, it will cost us. To work independently is much better for me. I don’t want to be ordered around.”

1: Auto-immune illness; pre-cancerous; ulcero-hemorrhagic recto-colitis.
2: She wants to dominate; Gold series or Lanthanides; control and mastery direct towards the Lanthanides.
3: The first dream could fit stage 12, Dysprosium. Dysprosium can feel attacked either with a knife or with bare hands but he fights back until the end to maintain his autonomy. Here, she does not fight but hides and the pursuit never ends. One could think of a partial retreat, which could fit stage 13, Holmium.
4: The second dream indicates being on a mission, which could fit stage 9, Europium. It is, however, a particular mission: smuggling or getting something out of someone.
5: She has money issues; fear of losing it, of being short of money, having to sell the house. She also contradicts herself: she gives everything but she’s afraid of being short of money. Contradictions direct towards auto-immune illnesses and therefore, towards the Lanthanides; domination, control, mastery.
6: She yearns for perfection with the subsequent fear of making mistakes, which in turn pushes her to study ceaselessly. Study, intelligence, knowledge and science direct towards Europium.

If we add to this: stools, blood, fear of lacking money, smuggling, and corruption, we are directed towards Oxygen.

Prescription: Europium oxydatum 100K, once every two weeks for a month.

In Europium oxydatum, we find an analogy between the fear of losing money and the loss of stools, blood, life; the fear of losing everything.

Three months later: A radical change has taken place. Within 4 days, the rectal hemorrhages have stopped. She has discontinued her allopathic treatment. From the seventh day, she feels much better, quieter, more peaceful. She casts a gentler gaze on her family history, her parents and her sister.

Prescription: continue Europium oxydatum 1000K

Eight months later: No remaining symptoms: normal stools; family life and work are going pleasantly well.

She comes to see me because she would like a second child and she wishes the pregnancy to go well.

Prescription: Europium oxydatum 1000K, every two months.

Photos: Wikimedia Commons
Igraet / (She) plays; Sergei Vinogradov (1869-1938)






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Keywords: ulcero-hemorrhagic rectocolitis, domination, control, money issues, perfection, being on a mission
Remedies: Europium oxydatum


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