2011 September

Cerium oxydatum: arthritis psoriatica

by Alex Leupen

The patient is a 53 year old man who came to the clinic for the first time in November 2004, seeking help for his arthritis psoriatica: he has had psoriasis since he was thirteen. He works as an organisational advisor. He later started to study piano, “my childhood dream”. Just before the final exam at the music conservatory, he developed inflammation in his joints:  the small joints of his right hand and wrist, both ankles, and his right knee. Some nails of both hands are affected. His rheumatologist wants to prescribe him Methotrexate.

He is also seeking help through orthomolecular medicine, following a strict diet (no meat, sugar, wine or wheat products, lots of brown rice) and taking many supplements.

His mother felt that there was something wrong with him as a child. “I was supposed to be happy and grateful as a child. If I was angry or sad, she felt like she was not doing her job well, so that wasn’t allowed…!” His mother died some years ago, and that opened up old wounds for him. He was an only child, and he was very jealous, not allowing other children to play with his toys. Now, he is ashamed of his shadow side; the part of him that feels jealous and unfairly treated.

He has periods of depression. “I don’t know what I want to do.” Sometimes, he can be very angry and his reactions are out of proportion. He has two sons, the youngest of whom has congenital malformations and has been operated on three times. This son has demanded a lot of energy from him and his wife, due to the problematic physical and emotional development.

Food and drink:

Desires: Indian food (3), curry (3), coriander (3), fish and meat (3).

Aversions: witlof, Brussels sprouts, endive (all three in his youth).

He is very thirsty. He loves red wine and desires either hot or cold drinks (extremes).

His stools are normal.

As a child he had a poor appetite and constipation, which, in hindsight, he sees as an opposition to his mother (“I was keeping my autonomy.”)

Sleep: He sleeps on his belly. He usually falls asleep easily, and wakes up early (around 5:30 – 6:00). He has recurring dreams of losing his clothes and finding himself naked in company.

Music: He loves classical music, especially Chopin and Schubert. He loves romantic music: “I play passionately,” and he can be moved to tears by music.

Colour preference: Royal blue.

Analysis and follow-up:

It is important to note that the arthritis started just before his conservatory exam: this fits stage 9 (“almost there”) of the Silver series (the series of art and creativity).

Prescription: Rhodium 200K.

Follow-up after 7 weeks: He has more energy and can play piano for 3 hours per day with no problems. The joint pains are 90% improved, and he feels emotionally better.


After some doses of Rhodium MK,  the joint pains have dramatically improved and he decides to look for a job with a different organisation bureau. When asked about his basic underlying feeling, he says: “I am outside the world.” He sometimes does not understand human contact at all, and has the feeling that he is in a glass bell. This is an old feeling from his childhood.

Second prescription: Cerium oxydatum MK.
Cerium fits the feeling of being in a glass bell, looking out at the world.  Arthritis psoriatica is an auto-immune illness, and this is a strong indication for prescribing a Lanthanide. The Oxydatum part goes with his childhood feeling of being unfairly treated.


After 7 weeks: He has been to an American city on vacation, where he felt belittled and humiliated by a passer-by. After that, he cried for half an hour, which he experienced as a catharsis. His joint pains are much better and he has composed his first piece of music. The remedy was repeated in a MK potency.

After 8 weeks: He has been back to the rheumatologist, who, to his surprise, sees no signs of destruction on the X-rays. He is rethinking his life and his application for a job with a new organisation bureau has been accepted. He is asked to play more and more concerts.

“Through homeopathy, I have much more energy and self-confidence, and I feel much better emotionally. I feel like I am more autonomous and I don’t have the same feelings of being unfairly treated.”

Six years later, he remains stable and content.

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