2011 November
Editorial: from Canada with love
Keywords: editorial
A Farewell to Patricia Le Roux
A Farewell to Patricia Le Roux, by Deborah Collins, Patricia Maché
Keywords: Patricia Le Roux
A tribute to Patricia Le Roux
A tribute to Patricia Le Roux, by Didier Grandgeorge
Keywords: Patricia Le Roux
Homeopathy in the Down Town East Side of Vancouver BC
Keywords: addiction, detox, methadone, poverty, abuse, outcast
Baryta bromata: guilty of powerlessness and failure
Keywords: constipation, hypothyroid, thyroxin, arteriosclerosis, failure, guilty, powerless, ending
Praseodymium fluoratum: my classmates think I am evil
Keywords: separation anxiety, panic, allergies, ADD, OCD, seductive, mean
Chininum sulphuricum: playing chess at a thousand miles per hour
Keywords: Ménière’s disease, violent vomiting and diarrhea, fast, 1000mph
Volunteering in Swaziland and Botswana
Keywords: HIV, AIDS, Swaziland and Maun Homeopathic Project, triad method