2011 November

Praseodymium fluoratum: my classmates think I am evil

by Katharina Riedener

First consultation: June 16, 2009. The patient is female, seven and a half years old, dark haired with olive skin and dark almond-shaped eyes. Very articulate, engaging and well-spoken for her age, she behaves like a young woman and looks like one as well.

Her presenting symptoms are excessive worry, ADD, OCD, and separation anxiety from her parents - she panics even if her parents are outside on the farm, working. She cannot be left at a baby sitter’s or a relative’s house.

She is the first born, with two miscarriages prior; the mother had hormone treatments at age 34, which led to the pregnancy.

Mother: “I had to be on bed rest for a big part of my pregnancy because I was considered high risk. The baby was devouring me; she sucked all the life out of me.

She was born six weeks early; that was the only traumatic part. I had a natural birth. They kept her in the hospital for three weeks, to monitor and regulate her - she would have been fine, she was able to breathe on her own. I breastfed for six months - a happy baby.”

She had RSV and pneumonia at 14 months, and she uses a puffer. She is allergic to dogs, with wheezing, stuffed-up nose, itchy eyes, and has itchy eczema on her arms and elbows.

She has constipation from milk, and is better if she is lactose free.

Patient: “I am evil; one of my classmate’s thinks I am so evil. I think I act evil to him, but I don’t mean to be.

Homeopath: What is evil?

P: “I think evil means being really weird, mean and stuff, and being naughty; doing naughty things to him.

H: Do you?

P: “Yes, he thinks he is the boss of everything and I don’t want him to believe that, so I have to let him know. I think I am very silly and funny; every time when I say a joke to my friends, they really laugh very hard; I make funny faces a lot. My friends say I talk too much; I like to talk a lot and make silly stuff. I pose a lot.

She is showing me a really seductive look over the right shoulder. (Mother later sends me pictures: in every picture she does the seductive pose; she looks like a grown-up woman trying to seduce a man.)

P: “I want to be a fashion designer for pets’ clothing. I play with babies - mostly play dress-up with my friends. I used to be mean. Because I think I said a lot of mean words to my friends; the problem is that with me every time I see people fight I like that, but now I am trying to change that. I like seeing my girl friends fight, but I don’t want to be that mean to them. I am afraid of my parents leaving me somewhere, if they would be shot. Sometimes, I’m afraid of the dark, or my door being locked when I was camping. I did that in a washroom too, I easily panicked about being locked in. My worries are when my parents leave me and they are not coming back; then I start to shake and my teeth start to shake. When I worry, I get a tummy ache, then I worry more and I worry about puking, and my fingers get all sweaty. I have problems with that worry that I have to puke…

Mother: “She has an obsession with clothes: she would have a closet full of clothes and she would take a crayola marker and would mark them up. If she didn’t like something on that piece of clothing she would write on it; she was obsessed with nice clothing. That went on for about a year; I would stick her into a room and ask her to think about it, and she kept saying ‘I don’t know.’ I took her clothes out of her room and then she went into her sister’s room and did it.”

P: “I forget what was the matter with that piece of clothing, and it has a mark on it and then I write on it. I like sucking on stuff - my hair and my clothes sometimes. I care about my shirts, not as much as my dresses; I like my shirts the way they look.

M: “She also has a tendency to excessive hand-washing, when she has a cold, to the point of her hands getting raw; this showed up even before kindergarten. I totally believe that she is ADD, I can’t give her a bunch of stuff that she needs to do - it has to be in two’s.”



- Precocious child, behaviour and looks of an adult
- Self-analytical
- Aversion to people who are controlling
- Allergies
- Premature birth

Praseodymium (Stage 5):

- Fear of parents leaving her
- Insecure on the inside but presenting the opposite (jokes, etc.)
- Precocious yet, extreme separation anxiety, back and forth between presenting as an adult and as a child.


- Posing in a seductive way
- Feeling that she is evil
- Feeling dirty
- Obsession with clothes
- Fertility treatment
- Premature birth and hospital stay (separation, rejection)
- Between good and evil

Prescription: Praseodymium fluoratum 1M


July 24, 2009
For a few days, she woke up every night wanting to go to the parent’s bedroom; really anxious for the first few days. Worries have become less, no panic when worrying.Mother: “After the second dose (three weeks after the first dose), she has been at the baby sitter’s every day and didn’t even ask about me once during the day!”No allergies or chest complaints. She had a couple of stomach aches but no vomitting, no more sweating on fingers.

August 29, 2009
Patient: “We haven’t had any worries. I probably will not have any worries anymore. I go to day care every day now; I play so much that I forget about worries.”Sleeping well, no more hair sucking or clothes marking.

September 16, 2009
Started school, everything is going great. Mother went away for two weeks, which was not a problem.

December 1, 2009
Everything is going great; she is now going for sleepovers at friend’s houses; no worries.

August 30, 2011
She did really well up until the last couple of weeks. Her worries have flared up a bit, mainly about going to a new school.

Prescription: I gave her a third dose of Praseodymium Fluoratum 1M.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Piru; Jäinenbanaani

Keywords: separation anxiety, panic, allergies, ADD, OCD, seductive, mean
Remedies: Praseodymium fluoratum


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