2011 November

A tribute to Patricia Le Roux

by Didier Grandgeorge

Patricia, you’ve left us too soon!

Never would have I imagined that I would be sitting here one evening, writing a tribute to the extraordinary woman you’ve been and who has filled our lives as a symphony would do. Your part was composed of many voices, which you played with a harmony that forced admiration, as Christian Samuel Hahnemann would have said.

I met you as a student for the recently created university diploma in Marseille. Young enthusiastic paediatrician, you quickly understood our research on the spirit of the homeopathic remedy, which allowed us to delve further in the study of the human soul… beyond the symptoms of the body.

We saw you at all our meetings of the Hahnemannian School of Frejus, where you participated with your talent and your sparkling creativity. Rapidly, you became a teacher, sharing with us the discoveries of our Anglo-Saxon colleagues. We found ourselves travelling all over the world for the cause of this extraordinary, humane medicine: Scotland, of course, your fiefdom, Holland, Estonia… I remember our animated discussions in the filtered sun of plane’s cabins, 10000 m above the Northern winters.

Each year, in June, came the meeting on the Lerins Islands, where you brought your whole family, for poetic and musical evenings. It was the same for the Autumn meetings of the homeopathic paediatricians’ group. “It’s five o’clock, Paris wakes up…” Your accompaniment with the flute is etched in our memories.

On a February day, death was hovering over me and I took refuge in your home; as a good mother, you gave me Lac caninum!!!

Then, time sped up, your activities multiplied and you became more and more inaccessible, alas… but we still had the faculty’s classes we shared every year. In our little restaurant, we had lunch while making the rounds of our high-paced lives, where there was no place for boredom!

I had just sent you the new program by mail, that ill-fated Saturday, where you had a meeting with your fate…

Patricia, you left us too soon! I know, it’s not up to us to decide but you’re leaving us totally bewildered, even if we know that we’ll meet again one day… when Love will reunite us all.

                                           Deep in my heart, I do believe

                                           We shall overcome one day!

Your body is resting not far away from Avignon, where we were waiting for you, for our annual meeting.

My thoughts go to Dominique, your poet and husband, and your children, all so full of immense talents.

Farewell Patricia!

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Reply #2 on : Fri November 04, 2011, 15:02:08
It is unfortunate to lose such a great homeopath. She will always remain in our memories through her excellent work.
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Reply #1 on : Tue November 01, 2011, 22:05:41
so so sad, the loss of this brilliant lady and teacher will be greatly missed by her family and Homoeopaths all over the world. i only know her through her books which are treasures and will be immortalised by Homoeopathy.