2010 December
Editorial: the homeopathic treatment of cancer
Keywords: editorial
Destruction at all levels; the healing power of cancer
Keywords: cervical cancer, violence, physical and sexual abuse, concentration camp, nice, menstrual pains
Calcarea arsenicosa in the treatment of glioblastoma multiforme
Keywords: glioblastoma multiforme, recurrent headaches, epileptic seizures
A healing process of bowel cancer
A healing process of bowel cancer, by Rosina Sonnenschmidt
Keywords: bowel cancer, anemia, bloody stools, lack of self-confidence, miasms
Calcarea muriatica: hairy cell leukemia
Keywords: hairy cell leukemia, chemotherapy complications, sensitive, insecure, withdrawn, care for others, dutiful
Natrium silicatum: collapse of relationships
Keywords: urothelial carcinoma, emotional rupture, collapse of relationships,
Book review: Miasms and Nosodes by Louis Klein
Keywords: miasms, nosodes