2010 December

A healing process of bowel cancer

by Rosina Sonnenschmidt

What do we learn from a case? What do we learn from a healing process experienced by an individual person and from a bond of trust between patient and homeopath? Was it the series of remedies or was it the awakened self-healing power of the patient that brought the healing about? Did the patient only take the remedies without changing the circumstances that made her sick, or did the patient need to undergo a holistic treatment with the central task of changing her thinking, feeling, behavior, and lifestyle? Has the person solved her conflict behind her illness?

I ask these questions at the beginning because I would like to explain my attitude and method of homeopathic treatment, otherwise the exploration of the case might not be clearly understood.

- the site of manifestation of a disease is no coincidence
- behind a chronic disease is a definite conflict
- behind any cancer lies a biological or archaic conflict, and an emotional one-
- since cancer is a very complex and complicated disease, the conflict has to be solved simultaneously with the homeopathic treatment and advice to address the cause of illness.
- my holistic concept consists of miasmatic homeopathy, nutrition, support of the basic physical functions – such as metabolism and immune system, breathing exercices to release the conflict.

My patients know that they will have to work hard on their healing process. I explain to them that they will heal themselves at home in exactly the same circumstances that made them sick. My position is that of a companion or good friend, offering a number of creative and helpful ideas.

Since there are different ideas about miasms, I would like to briefly explain my views. Each miasm has its own dynamic power and physical manifestations. For me, a miasm is not a fixed state of energy. I follow the logical process of physical compensation, such as skin, hollow organs which work temporarily, survival organs which work constantly. There is a logical movement, from one miasm to the next, concerning the development of disease and the process of healing. There are only few remedies which reach the root of a miasm and cure its awakened negative or pathological aspect, respectively. In the treatment, I support the self-healing programs of the organism with homeopathy.

Finally, I would like to share my thoughts about cancer diseases in general. I have observed many homeopathically treated cancer cases that ended with the enlargement of tumors and a deteriorating clinical state. Some of these cases used homeopathy alongside chemotherapy or radiation therapy, some used homeopathy as sole treatment. In my practice, I treat cancer patients who have been recently diagnosed, have had surgery with no additional chemotherapy, or who have stopped chemotherapy at an early stage. In the case of cancer, I want to see real healing as often as possible with no relapses and a stable health after cure. This is my aim, although I know I cannot accompany every patient on the path to recovery. The minimal requirement is that the patient does not become polluted by chemotherapy and retains his/her full immune power.

The table below illustrates my miasmatic concepts and their corresponding remedies.



M. is a brilliant medical doctor who was had been a surgeon and later became a homeopath. She came for treatment in 2006 because of constant blood in her stool, constant tiredness, and high levels of stress in her life. She had been feeling sick for the last 10 years but had never taken it seriously.

The anamnesis disclosed the following facts: scrofulous miasmatic base; there were scrofulous affections in childhood such as otitis media, followed later by allergies, falling hair, and scorbutic gums. The presenting situation was: no fever, no perspiration, mystical experiences, forgetful (sycotic symptoms). Numbness of fingers if she bends them too long (syphilitic symptom). In the family history there was apoplexy, diabetes, tuberculosis, pancreatic cancer, and uterine cancer. Her conflict, which manifested in the large intestine, was a lack of self-confidence.


The treatment started with Mercurius 30x + Thuja 30x in weekly alternations. I started on the syphilitic base with Mercurius and Thuja served as a push towards the sycotic level, as well as a clarification to what the underlying issues were.

Reaction within 6 weeks: Chaos in life because of selling her practice, frequent pain in her abdomen, ulcerative colitis. This situation brought on a positive feeling: “Now, I know what is wrong in my life. I realise the chaos, things become clear.”

Treatment: Phosphoricum acidum 30x + Sulphur 30x. With this prescription, I activated the tubercular/scrofulous level.

Reaction within 2 months: clear signs that the scrofulous level is not yet reached and the sycotic level is still active. She faces a collapse of life force: “Nothing is right in my life anymore.” Constipation and flatulence.

Treatment: exercises for reconciliation with her family members, Lycopodium 200x + Agaricus 30x in weekly alternation to activate her self-confidence and become centered in her energy system; Manganum 6x daily to activate her immune system.

Reaction within 2 months: good feeling of reconciliation and inner peace, no more blood in bowel. Flatulence and flu symptoms remain.

Treatment: Eupatorium 30x + Lycopodium 30x to cure the sycotic level. Recommend to have her teeth examined.

Reaction: very good feeling of life force, no more intestinal problems, teeth okay. “I need no more treatment.” I agreed, although my intuition tells me that this is only a necessary pause; there is still stress in her attitude, behavior, and whole appearance.

Six months later, she returned with the following symptoms and diagnosis: bloody stools, large bowel cancer, anaemia.

Treatment: Carcinosin 30x + Nitricum acidum 30x. Healing diet consisting of freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juice.

Reaction 5 weeks later: better feeling of life force, bowel normal, ready for an operation.

Treatment for surgery: Lycopodium 30x + Silica 30x.

Reaction: very little loss of blood, good constitution, no fear, and fewer intestines removed than expected; 50% of the cancer could be removed.

Treatment post-operation: intense work on her lack of self-confidence, rituals for releasing inherited problems and diseases she had taken on. Aurum 200x as constitutional remedy, 1 dose.

Reaction: increased perception of that which she had taken on but which did not belong to her personal life, with subsequent release. Great change of life-style: she looks after herself and tends to her emotional wishes and needs.

October 2008: clinical results very positive; the other 50% of the cancer receded because of the strong immune power, the healing nutrition, and the release of the basic conflict of intestine cancer. M. said: “I tend to do too much for others. My inner child cries ‘it’s my turn now!’ Now, I do what I like to do and I don’t pressure myself with ‘I have to’. I follow my inner female wisdom.”

Final treatment: Sulphur 200x.

Reaction: a good feeling in and on the skin. M., as a sensitive medical doctor, understand very clearly that the disease has to reach the Psoric level and has to leave the organism via the skin. She now experiences what real health is, in comparison to the previous feeling she had before the diagnosis of cancer.

Until today, M. has perfect mucous membranes in the intestine, good blood quality, and stable self-confidence. She carries on with her vegetarian life-style and has started to develop her mediumistic and spiritual healing faculties.

DVD of Cancer Congress with A.U. Ramakrishnan, Alok Pareek and Rosina Sonnenschmidt



Keywords: bowel cancer, anemia, bloody stools, lack of self-confidence, miasms
Remedies: Agaricus, Eupatorium, Lycopodium, Manganum, Mercurius, Nitricum acidum, Phosphoricum acidum, Sulphur, Thuja


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Posts: 6
intestine/gut healing
Reply #5 on : Sun January 18, 2015, 10:59:47
a very nice knowledge given by you
sir can you please tell me about gut/GI healing medicine

with warm regards

Interhomeopathy is an information site, for treatment, please contact your local homeopath.
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cancer treatment
Reply #4 on : Sun January 30, 2011, 00:54:55
I haven't got any doubt that Homeopathic treatment is the surest way to cure diseases. When I was diagnosed with rectosigmoid adenocarcinoma I never doubted, I learned more about homeopathy and chose this way to treat myself; not surgery or chemotherapy or radiation. I'm still alive 18 month later and this article helps me to be more positive. Thanks so much for the site. Dante
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bowel cancer
Reply #3 on : Sun December 12, 2010, 12:27:28
I dont understand the way of prescriptions of Mrs Sonnenschmidt either (not only in this case, also not in most cases she published in "Spektrum"). But if patients get cured (even with cancer), so it is worth to publish and it should be worth to try to understand her way of thinking. I feel better with Keynotes, Scholten and Sanakran and some Repertory and feel too old to try again new methods of healing or homoeopathy.

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pure.........fundamentalists ?
Reply #2 on : Fri December 03, 2010, 08:55:45
Hallo pure friend of harsh thinking,
If you can find a way to read the graphic, which is not very easy I admit, you will find the miasmatic logic that Rosina Sonnenschmidt follows.
"The one who heals is right" was Hahnemanns saying
and there are different ways to reach this.
No doubt that Hahnemann was a miasmatic healer and the miasmatic theory that Rosina Sonnenschmidt uses is quite in the frame of the miasms that Hahnemann also named. I wonder, whether you have read this part of the pure Homeopathy.
I hope to be able to learn from different ways and any fundamentalism that hinders this is not really speaking for homeopathy.
Winter greetings from Berlin

Ruth L.
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Reply #1 on : Thu December 02, 2010, 08:46:05
Homeopathy is a healing art. Although there are different approaches to homeopathic treatment, homeopaths worldwide share a broad consensus about the principles, logic and laws of homeopathy: Accurate case taking and elaboration, considering the individual and characteristic symptoms, collecting literal expressions, implication of the mental and emotional status, understanding of the life status, the hopes and fears of the patient and last but not least accompanying the patient in the healing process with consequent and logical following prescriptions. I highly respect everybody’s struggle in prescribing but in this article I cannot find any logic. It describes a confused and senseless chain of prescriptions without any homeopathic arguments. At its best, it’s an example how not to do homeopathy. It reveals the homeopathic ignorance of the author. May we be saved from articles like this in the future. Keep the teaching pure!