February 2014

Tomato blight: Carbo vegetabilis to the rescue

by MS

What fascinated me most was the treatment of a tomato plant that was almost about to die. Tomato blight had spread widely in the lower part of the plant, and the little leaves at the top already had small brown spots. At this point, the tomatoes had not yet set fruit.
I watered the tomatoes, which were growing in a plastic housing with one side open, on four consecutive days with Carbo vegetabilis 30C (5 granules in 1 litre of water, dissolved in a watering can).
The plant then developed numerous fresh green leaves and the leaves affected by blight fell off. It recovered completely, even becoming the best tomato plant in our garden.
This experience was a “revelation” for me and it also convinced my husband to continue with homeopathy.

                                  tomato1       tomato2       tomato3

Another tomato plant had something like water-filled brown spots on the underside of the fruits, and these spread from below to cover the tomatoes as they matured (picture 1). This plant was treated starting on August 4, 2013 for four consecutive days with Carbo vegetabilis 30C. For a long time, it looked as if there was no improvement but three weeks after applying the remedy, it has become clear that – although a few tomatoes still have brown spots below – they appear to have dried up and are no longer spreading to cover the entire tomato (picture 2). The younger tomatoes are completely healthy (picture 3)!

Simply FANTASTIC, works really well, I'm totally enthusiastic and sometimes even speechless. 

St.Marien, Switzerland 2013


Categories: Cases
Keywords: tomato blight
Remedies: Carbo vegetabilis

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