February 2014
Editorial: the green homeopathic evolution
Keywords: editorial
Homeopathic treatment of plants: a promising journey
Keywords: homeopathy, plants
Homeoplant: the beginning of an adventure
Keywords: homeoplant, Kaviraj, Maute
Helix tosta: a slug nightmare
Keywords: slug infestation
Voles and slugs on the run
Keywords: voles, slugs
Leaf curl healers: Thuja and Natrum sulphuricum
Keywords: Leaf curl, peach tree
Mildew and mites: the fight of the cucumber
Keywords: cucumber, mildew, spider mite
Tomato blight: Carbo vegetabilis to the rescue
Keywords: tomato blight
Box trees' savior: Box tree moth Extra
Keywords: Box tree moth infestation
Panorama: seminars and books
Keywords: seminars, books