December 2014

The man forgotten in time: a case of Holmium phosphoricum

by Jana Kolenov√°

A thirty-six-year old man is suffering from burn out syndrome. He does not have any energy to work; he does not want to do anything, just to sit and stare or sleep.

He used to be full of energy and work a lot, so he is now confused about what is happening to him. He has a big family and a satisfying job. He studied at university but also enjoyed handiwork, so he created his own crafts company. Employees like him, as he is friendly with them. He can, however, demonstrate a natural authority, so he is not taken advantage of.

His hobby is motorbikes, he even established a motorbike club. He loves the feeling of freedom he has when riding a motorbike.

He is Hungarian, proud of his nationality. It troubles him that the area where he lives is not part of former Austria–Hungary anymore. It sounds unfair to him and he refuses to accept it. He wants to light a bonfire with a a friend from Poland on the former Polish-Hungarian border. He feels he has the right to preserve this tradition, because he is Hungarian. He  does not have a problem with Slovakians, as he has many Slovakian friends, but he appreciates the Poles more, because of their strong spiritually. They have been able to protect their borders. Hungarians and Poles have always respected each other.  According to him, Slovakians are too “peaceful”.

In spite of the fact that I am Slovakian and he is Hungarian our interview is very nice and friendly. He is very intelligent and able to listen to other people. He wants to understand things in depth. I told him that spiritual strength can also manifest in a peaceful attitude, not only in fighting, and gave him the exemple of Mahatma Gandhi. He admitted that maybe he underestimated the Slovakians.

I asked him: “Why are you so concerned with the theme of Austrian-Hungarian empire? Why do you feel it´s unfair? It’s such an old thing!“  

Patient: “I do it for myself and for my children. I have to prove to them that we live in the former Austria-Hungary.“

His wife told me that he is much closer to his friends than to his own family, which bothers her a lot. She feels she is not important to him. He hardly devotes any time to  the upbringing of their children.

The most interesting thing in this case is the patient’s desire to maintain the old world order. He is sure that he is right, but he does not express it openly. We only spoke about it because his wife had asked him to do it. He is nostalgic of the old world, a state which corresponds with stage 13. He is very self-confident, which indicates top stages (7-13).

The patient is very sensitive, receptive, deep, and is looking for his path in life. He wants to understand things in depth and longs for deep conversation. He is very liberal and follows his beliefs. Despite the fact that he studied at university, he is a craftsman, wanting to be his own boss, as he appreciates his freedom, which leads me to choose a Lanthanide.

The Lanthanide in stage 13, corresponding to nostalgia, is Holmium.

His friendliness and desire to have many friends indicates Phosphoricum.

Prescription: Holmium phosphoricum 200C


After three weeks
His wife wrote me an e-mail: “He is very weak, nervous, and it is hard to get along with him.“

After three months
He left the motorbike club, explaining that the relationships were not good and he needed more time for his family. He began to spend more time with his children and started to appreciate his wife,  all of which made her happy. He completely stopped ruminating on the theme of the former Hungary, understanding that he must give this up. He cancelled the long-planned lighting of a bonfire at the former border. He has a lot of energy and enjoys his work again.

His former Hungarian friends came to see me eight months later. They had stopped talking with him as they considered him too chauvinistic. They were surprised to see how much he changed after taking the homeopathic remedy. After the remedy, he visited them and apologized, saying that he had been stupid and asked them for forgiveness. Their relationship has been very good since then.

The treatment started three years ago. Nowadays, he feels very well, both physically and mentally. His health has improved by 90%, but he feels that it is still improving. He does not need to sleep during the day. He accepts the possibility that his children could attend school where students are educated in Slovakian language. He wants his children to know the language of the country he lives in. He is still proud to be Hungarian but he appreciates Slovakia too, because it is his homeland.

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Flag of Hungary painted on a young man face; Karol Kowloski

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