December 2014
Editorial: a tree to the unknown
Editorial: a tree to the unknown, by Vladimír Petroci
Keywords: editorial
Learning to climb the tree
Learning to climb the tree, by Vladimír Petroci
Keywords: Scholten, Plant theory
A tree can bear anything: a case of Prunus spinosa
Keywords: post herpetic pain, urinary problems, family problems, desire apples
I'm afraid of staying alone: a case of Butomus umbellatus
Keywords: depression, committed to parents, incapable, uncertain in relationships
The man forgotten in time: a case of Holmium phosphoricum
Keywords: burnout syndrome, maintaining old world order, nostalgia, liberal
I would die without water: a case of Hydrophis cyanocinctus
Keywords: painful hips, love of animals, competitive, talkative, allergies, menstrual problems, thirsty
On the edge of a knife: a case of Acer saccharum
Keywords: urticaria, family conflicts, tough but fragile, tree remedies
Right in the middle: a case of Sabal serrulata
Keywords: psoriasis, insomnia, sensitive to criticism, doubting, central in his group
Panorama: seminars and books
Keywords: Panorama