February 2015

Sudden collapses: a case of Arum triphyllum - 632.11.04

by Ulrich Welte

Man, forty, sudden collapses

He has sudden collapses and fears. He often worries about offending others because of his difficult behaviour. He has nightmares right after falling asleep: he has to protect children and save them from sudden dangers, he has to act like lightning, but unfortunately he is usually too late and something happens to them. In the morning, he wakes up in an irritable state and would love to smash a stack of plates by throwing them against the wall. He used to train the kids‘ football club, which was great fun. In general, he is very caring for children, although they often abuse his good nature. He asks if his problems come because he had a bad childhood. His biological father wanted to abort him by secretly administering an abortificant to his mother. He left  the family when his son was two; he disappeared. The patient thought his stepfather was his father. When he was sixteen, his stepfather died and he was only told then that it was his stepfather, which made him very angry. Later, however, he reconciled himself with his mother. In general, he wants to learn and improve, he just does not know how.

Currently, he does a communication training. It has become his hobby to understand how to deal with each other by talking. Unfortunately, it does not work with his own children, because the talks do not lead to the goal. They abuse his good nature and dance around him. His only refuge is the recreation room in the basement, which he does not want to share with others. Ironically, the children repeatedly fill his room  with their ski equipment and skateboards, without asking him at all. He is furious because they take away his privacy and are so inconsiderate. He would prefer to fight, but he cannot. When he is angry, he becomes speechless, he cannot find his words and he has palpitations. So, he withdraws, ashamed of his violent impulses, and avoids any conversation, which only worsens the situation.

Before his marriage. he was travelling alone. He enjoyed bungee jumping in New Zealand; he jumped from the highest bridges in deep gorges, saved by the elastic rope before impact. It is very important to him to always act quickly and correctly to remain safe in dangerous situations. 

His collapse states come as a surprise; it is as if he falls over, he must then sit down quickly. It happened three times at the hairdresser, when he lay down, relaxed. It is as though something pulls him down and he is only held by a rubber thread that prevents the crash to be complete. He has a slow heart rate of 48 beats a minute and is hypotonic.

Acidum oxalicum: adoptive child, cuckoo young

Arum triphyllum: contains oxalic acid; collapse

Prescription: Acidum oxalicum 1M, single dose

Follow ups

The remedy helps him a lot. He stops smoking and has no more nightmares. For three years, all goes well.

Then, his wife starts complaining about him. He only grumbles with the kids, just watches TV, and does not take any responsibility. He does not care about anything, and he accuses her of wanting to dominate him. He had a good heart, that's true, but he was an arrogant braggart. He would like to be like Superman, expecting that everyone woud obey him, but he does nothing to achieve this. She sends him to the homeopathic clinic, but he does not want to go, saying he did not need anything from us. In the end, he comes. 

Now, he gets a dose of Arum triphyllum MK (Arum - t contains oxalic acid and is a collapse remedy). The next day, he has a terrible marriage crisis, and then everything changes in him. Everyone is excited about the new man, the new dad. He has even got a permanent job, whereas previously, he always had a part time job. The remedy was so good that he even wanted to take it again four months later. Meanwhile, nine years have passed.

Araceae 632.11[1]

As children, they had no feeling of security from their parents, they were mistreated, or the parents were not there, did not care for them. Unsure and vulnerable, they were pushed out into a world full of dangers and troubles. They had to face dire situations on their own, as lost children in a terrible world they were not prepared for. No one told them how to face its hardships, but they must cope with it, do or die. There were too many demands, they had to face the impossible. They may be adopted, or handicapped, or they were put into a boarding school early, had to grow up in an all-day nursery or in an orphanage. The parents did not talk to them, not at all or little, and they did not learn how to communicate. They never learnt how to make contact, how to talk to others in a nice way, and nobody taught them how to deal with one another in a loving way. So their ways are rude, coarse, rough or not in line with etiquette. They talk little or not at all, don’t know how to behave and how to communicate. Especially men have no idea how to deal with women, how to approach them decently or make a date. They often have a strong sexual drive but have no idea how to love, how to approach a woman so that she responds. They rather come across as crude or abrupt, repulsive. Their sexual behaviour is too direct. They are provocative, make dirty jokes, they want everything at once and usually get rebuffs or are turned down. So they withdraw and avoid sexual contacts, feel ashamed about their animalistic drive and cover it up completely. The signature of the aracea fits  this: they have a phallic spadix (jack) covered with many little flowers, but hidden in a spathe (pulpit) – thence the name jack-in-the-pulpit. The spathe sometimes covers the spadix fully like a fig-leaf.

As adults, they have great sympathy for suffering children, with a large heart for all disadvantaged, aggrieved children, children in distress or abused. They want many children and they sometimes care for them in a strange way, a bit clumsy themselves, or they adopt children. They can also refuse to have children because they feel unable to cope with the responsibility of education, or they are afraid to transmit genetic defects, or they think the world is too bad anyway to have children and let them confront all its dangers.  

[1]Scholten J.: Wonderful Plants, p.501. Stichting Alonnissos, 2013

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Bungee jumping; Anthony McAulay

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Keywords: collapse, abandonned by father, nearly aborted, adopted child, insecurity concerning parents
Remedies: Arum triphyllum


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Posts: 5
Reply #2 on : Tue March 03, 2015, 14:33:22
I never gave him Staph so can't tell what it would have done. I see your point of sexual repression. But they are not related botanically. Arum is Araceae, which can be useful in adopted children. Staph is Ranunculaceae, which do not have this problem.
Posts: 5
Reminds me of Staphysagria
Reply #1 on : Mon March 02, 2015, 14:58:42
Thank you for the beautiful case, as always. I am curious if Staphysagria would have had an effect. There is the inability to communicate, the sexual repression. Clearly you found the right remedy. I don't know the plant system yet, are these two related?