February 2015
Editorial: standing strong as a tree
Keywords: editorial
My experience with Jan Scholten's wonderful Plant theory
Keywords: Scholten, Plant theory, homeopathy, anamnesis technique, phase, subphase, series, stage
Linum catharticum - 644.23.12: two cases
Keywords: mother-son conflict, irritable bowel, food allergies, carcinoid, black sheep, revenge, purge, diarrhoea
A journey to one own's life: a case of Aristolochia clematitis - 622.72.05
Keywords: hidden pregnancy, abortion, confusion, outside, expelled, dependent
Feeling used and taken for granted: a case of Pontederia cordata - 633.46.011
Keywords: panic attacks, nausea, sleeplessness, taken for granted, responsible, burn-out
Life is hard: a case of Raphanus sativus - 655.66.16
Keywords: indigestion, flatulence, aversion radishes, hard work, miserable life
Pressured to have a child: a case of Ekebergia capensis - 655.47.07
Keywords: irregular menses, IVF, fear of exclusion, neglected child, pressured to have a child
Still a child in a cruel world: a case of Ranunculus bulbosus - 642.13.08
Keywords: eczema, overwhelmed by duties, quarreling parents, fear of disease
I can't get my breath: a case of Fagopyrum esculentum - 663.66.02
Keywords: breathlessness, tight-chested, used, disrespected, pushed down, fear of poverty
Sudden collapses: a case of Arum triphyllum - 632.11.04
Keywords: collapse, abandonned by father, nearly aborted, adopted child, insecurity concerning parents
Panorama: seminars and books
Keywords: Panorama